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Scootard 06-14-2012 05:37 PM

Squampton to the Rose City
Scooter Chick, enthralled with her new Kymco B&W 250 is a itchin to hit the highway or secondary road at least.

Our plan is to take off early next week from Squamish B.C. and ride to Portland Oregon from our home north of Vancouver B.C. It will take 2-3 days to get there moseying down the by-ways of Washington and Oregon.

While we have considered tenting, we are "playing the back 9" so long hot showers and a comfy bed (free breakfast please) are more our speed.

All that is left is to make sure the batteries are charged for the cameras, and the laptop is packed. My throttle hand is itching and my desire to see new places, eat new foods and meet new folks is mounting.

The planning continues apace, it looks like we'll have to stick around until Tues. A.M. as I have a meeting to attend on Mon. Night.

A little scooter mtnce. was needed first.

Poor Miss Vicky....looking a little naked

Puig replacement screen complete with bag o' shiny bits and ideogram.
New Puig windcutter installed, all that's left is to mount the stock Kymco mirrors....adjust them, and ready to roll!

We have Google mapped our way on secondary roads from home to Portland, prepacked just about everything and are finding it hard to sleep. Excited!.....yeah just a bit.

Scootard 06-14-2012 09:48 PM

Trip prep
Still making our preparations. We managed to score a waterproof marine duffel bag at the local everything except groceries store. With a bungee cord,, it should make a nice backrest on the Maj. ScooterChick has a "Gears" tank bag that will hold a blacksmith's anvil and a 45# Danforth Anchor.......hahaha....not really but it is huge, have a look.

Scootard 06-15-2012 11:20 PM

T-2 and counting.
Out trip prep continues. We have arranged to meet FullMetalScooter for breakfast in Cloverdale, about 1.5 hr. from home on Sunday morning, so that will be cool.

FullMetal has been part of the cheering section in the Neverending Saga. It came back from the shop today and seems good, but we'll stick with the Bet&Win for this tour.

We have been going down the checklist and making sure all our necessitos are ready to go. Could not wait for Tuesday so Sunday a.m. it is.

As it happens, there is a Twist and Play Scooter club meeting Tuesday night at a pub called the B-side in Portland. I think we'll have to crash that party!!!

Big and Little-featuring the Maj. and ScooterChicks previous Kymco Vitality 2T50cc


Scooterchick 06-16-2012 05:11 PM

We might be putting this run off since it is currently raining cats and dogs out side! This is suppose to be fun!....:-(. We are re-checking our destination. Hoping things will warm up and dry up so that we can head out tomorrow. Much too wet to be on two wheels unless you just have to.

I don't have to. haha

Scootard 06-16-2012 07:41 PM

Fueled and ready
The Dogs and Cats have gone elsewhere for the time being. I went to the local fuel extortionists and filled both bikes up. Scooter Chicks Kymco takes Hi-Test do we're talking $6.94/gal....ouch! :puke1:puke1

Looking forward to being back in the land of the free and the home of the Cheap Gas. It' s currently $4.13 at Fred Meyer in Bellingham. :nod Even with the difference in the size of the gallon....sheeeeesh!

Scootard 06-17-2012 08:05 PM

RR1 Squamish to Bellingham
The road has an officially been hit.
Our intention was to depart our home in Squamish at 7:00 am. There was just one small problem. By the time we got the bikes loaded and ready to roll, it was closer to 8:00 AM.
Everything having been loaded, bungeed and checked, we finally headed out around 8:30. We got about three blocks from home, and the rain started to come down as though there were some sort of prize involved. We headed back unloaded and covered the bikes and debated just driving the car to Portland.

While we were discussing this option the rain stopped, and the sun broke through. Typical, I thought in a John Cleese accent. We reloaded the bikes, put all of our gear back on and headed out. We got as far as McDonald’s about 2 miles away and had to stop for a bite of breakfast.
The earnest young man at the till informed us that they had stopped serving breakfast about 20 minutes earlier. “I mean really” (oh shut it will you John). Even while we were eating at McDonald’s there was a bit of a shower which did not augur well in Scooter Chick’s estimation.

Heedless of the portents and the rising wind we got back on the bikes and headed towards Vancouver. We did have to ride through one fairly stiff shower of about 10 minutes, but then the sun came out, the road dried up and we carried on. At one point we did pull over to discuss our progress and as if by ESP Scooter Chick found a pull off with a Porta-Potti.

That having been taken care of we continued east on Highway 1 and then to the border at 176th street and crossed into the USA at about 2:00.
We stopped in the local grocers for munchies, and then at the local coffee stand for some caffeinated refreshment.

We stopped along the way and made some new friends.
ScooterChick remarked that most of the jackasses she has met are considerably larger.

We continued on H Street in Blaine Wa. until we came to the Guide Meridian and road south to Bellingham, in spite of howling crosswinds threatening to blow us into the next county.

Scootard 06-17-2012 08:57 PM

RR1 Squamish to Bellingham (2)
ScooterChick did awesomely with barely a waver. :clap We crossed the Nooksack River bridge and continued until we found the Comfort Inn on the Guide.

We checked in to a King room and promptly headed out to the Chinese Buffet.and congratulated each other with a kiss for making through the first leg of the adventure! :feelgood

The Scooter Chick stands in frank amazement of her own accomplishments. She just keeps repeating “I can’t believe it” and “I have monkey butt”. While it is true that she has never been any farther than 1 hour in any direction away from home on her own bike, she accomplished today’s riding of about 170km. with panache and aplomb. :wings
She did remark on several occasions, "I’m not having fun yet". She got to deal with uneven pavement, from road realignment and repaving....not fun, rain....more not fun and fatigue and sore feet.....not funny !:huh AND the weight on the back of her scooter which challenged her skill level.:muutt

Now having both had a hot shower, and having acquitted ourselves in fine fashion on General Tso’s Chicken and Roast Duck, we plan on doing equal parts of diddly and squat for the remainder of the evening. :crash

Scootard 06-18-2012 09:08 PM

The second day began with a hearty breakfast, followed by loading the bikes. We fueled up at the Chevron station and asked directions towards Rte. 9.

After following the directions in a rather imperfect fashion we found ourselves four or five miles down the wrong road. We inquired of a Pastor of the local church who sent us the correct way and we found Rte. 9 at Nugent’s corner. While we are unclear as to whether it was Ted Nugent’s (the old rocker’s corner) or not, we took a short break then started heading south again.

Here we can see the scooters in roadworthy trim, completely oblivious to the posted sign.

We did have to pass through a couple rain showers, but nothing serious. We passed Big Lake of which we got no picture, and Lake McMurray of which we did.

We stopped for lunch in the town of Sedro Wooley at the Hometown Cafe, which is owned by a Biker Chick that rides a Victory, and has walls covered in pictures, Harley miniatures and various club and ride T-shirts.

Scooterchick's gloves got wet! Liner and all. So, we used our coffee cups to help bring some warmth to the situation.

We rode on towards Arlington where we had a cup of coffee at TJ’s Java Hut.

There was a fellow next door who does restorations and repairs to old iron, and had a nice old wide-glide, with factory sidecar for sale.

We carried on to Marysville and overshot our intended stop at Smokey Point Cycle Barn. Then we got stuck behind a train. "How long oh Lord! How Long?"

We decided it was time to start looking for a motel. We continued on to Everett, and inquired at the first motel we came to. It was euphemistically named the Best Inn. I inquired of the rate to see what could they do for us on a ground floor room with a King bed. I also requested to see the room prior to making a decision. When I was informed that there were no ground floor King rooms available and that the proprietor showed a great reluctance to even let us look at the room without paying in advance, coupled with a hand written sign in large black lettering stating “no refunds” we rode on outta there as though our tails were on fire! The next motel was down the block on the other side. I went into the lobby and rang the bell a clerk. No attendant appeared. I went outside and discussed the situation with my beloved ScooterChick and we came to the conclusion that the woman across the road at the Best Inn had phoned ahead to the other motel to say “cheap Canadians on motorbikes don’t answer the door!!”
After several more minutes of riding we did find a Days Inn at a reasonable rate, again with free hot breakfast and the requisite WiFi. The room was nothing special, but it was clean and comfortable.

We rode a couple blocks down and found an Applebee’s to eat dinner. Once again with the huge portions we were unable to finish that which we had ordered.

Now having returned to the motel for hot showers, our plan is to do some serious relaxing and we will check in with you tomorrow.

Happy scooting to all and to all a good night!

Scooterchick 06-19-2012 12:49 PM

Day 3
We got up this morning, had breakfast and headed to Seattle.

I still cannot believe that after having only 80k's on a 50cc under my belt on any given day, that I have made it all the way to Seattle on a 250cc!

Crazy!! We will update everyone later. We are currently at StarBucks across the street from a Kymco Service center. I figured since we were just a couple hundred miles away from the 5000 service mark, might as well have them do it while we were in town. So, we are eating lunch here and carrying on into the wild blue yonder! By the way, that blue beast I'm standing next to is a Kymco Grand Vista! NICE! First scooter I ever sat on and fell in love with.

When we left Starbucks, there was a police car parked next to Scootard's Majesty. He felt that it was a great opportunity to have me strike a "no problem here Officer pose"

Scootard 06-19-2012 10:27 PM

Day 3
With a freshly oiled and checked Kymco, we headed for the U district and crossed the Ship Canal bridge to pop in unexpectedly on a friend at work. She had mentioned on a previous occasion that there was lots of parking behind her building. What she neglected to mention is that said parking lot was on a 45 degree angle. Whoooooa-hoooooah!! :muutt

When we got mid-way through the parking lot I slowed down to cross a speed bump. Scooter Chick came to a stop to avoid interrupting me from behind, and her bike started leaning into the horizontal position. Unbeknownst to me, I continued on with the full assurance that she was right behind me. She was in fact trying to support her bike on one leg. The supporting leg was by this point beginning to shake and she had a death-grip on the brakes, and the bike was either going to take a nap, or roll into the car parked unsuspectingly below taking her with it. :eek1

I had transitted the lot and was near the far exit when I looked back to see her standing motionless. I waved for her to join me. She shook her head in the emphatic negative :(: I again waved her onward. This time the head shake was even more pronounced. :dog I could tell she was screaming something at the top of her lungs, but I still had my earplugs in and was blissfully oblivious. :rolleyes We finally got the parking situation sorted, and I got her scooter parked at the bottom of the lot and we had a 30 minute visit with our friend. The picture doesn't really do the slope any justice, but her scoot is a good 30' lower than the top of the lot.

We returned to the parking lot and it took another 30 minutes for Scooter Chick to regain her composure from what felt to her like a harrowing escape from the ravenous maw of a near death experience. :eek1 The mere thought of remounting her steed caused her stomach to knot instantly and required a rapid return to our friend's office to visit the rest room. :waysad

Scootard 06-19-2012 10:35 PM

After this juncture, we discussed the advisability of returning home, or continuing onward. I suggested a trip down Lakeshore Drive, scenic, almost traffic free and peaceful. I forgot about the 2 hairpin turns to get down to the Drive, to my chagrin and her additional nerve jangling. When we pulled into a park to have a wee rest and a little snack, my beloved wife Scooter Chick was ready to usher me into the great beyond with some sense of satisfaction!!! :ddog

We concluded after much additional intense fellowship that we would get a coffee at Starbux, get some dinner and sleep on the idea of continuing. During dinner however, Scooter Chick concluded that she had not come this far to turn back now.

Scooterchick 06-20-2012 06:00 AM

Day 4
This day started very early for me since I didn't get to bed until after 1:00am. ALL of the pictures that had been previously posted in this Report came up missing and had to be reinstalled as best I could remember. :cry. Scootard helped me with most of the task the night before. But I rose early this morning to try to finish. I mean EARLY YA'LL....:snore. It's not even 6:00am yet! I'm getting hungry and Scootard woke up, looked at me sitting on the couch and asked if I had been sleep. haha. It ain't feeling like it at the moment, but I think I did somewhere in there!:babe

More to follow.........STAY TUNED!:D

Scootard 06-20-2012 04:15 PM

You can imagine my shock when the beloved ScooterChick was sitting on the couch typing on the laptop at 6:00 in the blessed a.m. and saying, "get up now Christo, get up now Christo....:clap
We had breakfast and hit the road under sunny skies and warming temperatures.

We uncovered the bikes and stowed the bike cover and loaded up.

The temperatures can be deceptive. At a standstill it's warm, while moving cooler. Scooter Chick kept her trusty sweatshirt on, but ditched the liner in her jacket as she was overheating.

Scootard 06-20-2012 04:46 PM

We rode along the West Valley Highway to Sumner,

then to Puyallup. We got a picture of Mount Rainier.

Along the way we noticed some signs that were unusual in our area.

We stopped for lunch in Graham.

The Northwest is filled with micro-brewers, a lot of which I've never heard of. Here are a few more

Although we rode by to quickly to take a picture, I took incredulous note of a financial institution with which i was unfamiliar.*

That's right...the Red Canoe Credit Union. As we rode I speculated on their tagline:
Mr Jenkins CANOE sign your withdrawal slip?
CANOE open an account? You bet.
In uncertain financial times there's no better place to hide your money than putting it in a RED CANOE.

How can they even keep a straight face????

We continued down WA 507 to Yelm ( extra caffeine please ) and stopped for coffee

and to find a hotel in Chehalis. We continued through tiny Tenino,

a blip named Bucoda and Centralia. We ended up at a Best Western in Chehalis.

This was Scooter Chicks high mile day and she did great!.

jbcaddy 06-20-2012 04:58 PM

Looks like you two are having a great ride. thanks for sharing! even if you are on bikes with tiny wheels :evil

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