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stainlesscycle 06-25-2012 09:42 AM

sputtering it200.
i was racing my it200 yesterday, it has been running fine. about 45 minutes in, it started sputtering at all throttle positions. like a very consisitent miss. it will take throttle, and accelerate no problem, it just sputters along the way. doesn't like to idle very well either.. so i thought it was a rich issue - either stuck float, or maybe a broken reed, i completely rebuilt carb, flipped reeds around (they looked good, with no fraying/chunks.) started it back up, and it does the same thing. i then tried running it without the air filter, thinking it was a restriction. still did the same thing. so it's not reed or carb or airfilter.

so then, i swapped coil, cdi, plug boot, plug. didn't fix it. i also tried running with kill switch disconnected. didn't fix it.

i tried turning off fuel, and running with fuel off - didn't fix it. it sputtered until it ran out of fuel. so i think it's definitely not carb related.

any ideas???

stainlesscycle 06-25-2012 10:10 AM

pulled flywheel and figured it out quick. stator plate was loose.

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