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550SENTA 09-23-2012 04:34 AM

duralube,liqui moly, 2+2,metabond

Twin-shocker 09-23-2012 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by 550SENTA (Post 19659187)
what experience do you have with these aditives(of any kind,octane boosters,lubrifiants etc).today i will change the gear box oil,i have ,wet,, clutch on the engine and in the ast gearbox oil i added somme teflon aditive a few months ago.a lot of people told me that the clutch rings will slide because of the teflon but i still poured the stuff into the gearbox:D.nothing happpened,the rings didnt slided and im in doubts if i should change the oil with a normal one or put this with teflon added back...another experience with teflon additive i had when i mixed it in the 2 stroke i dont know if it was the placebo effect or it really worked but the engine seemed not be that loud as before,no carbon deposits on the resonator but the smoke its criminal.the next aditive that i want to use is ,,liqui moly racing bike oil additive,, it has the same substance like the famous MOS2,(bisulfit de molibdenum)and i heard on another forum that this stuff its amazing for 2 strokes engines,when this substance abilityes was descovered first ,they say they were using it to lube cannon barrels in vietnam and the barrels of the cannons did not over heat.

Post up some pics of your bike please....................not seen many alcohol burning 2T bikes with 16:1 compression, and I would guess at least 100bhp at the rear wheel....................

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