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zipper421 10-28-2012 11:04 AM

02 r1150r
hey guys
just picked up my new to me tug 02 bmw r1150r
my question is
does anyone have pics of the subframe for the bike
i cant afford one but i can build one
any pictures would be appreciated
thanks dan

davebig 10-28-2012 11:33 AM

Hmmmmm !
I think you'll find yourself on your own here as sidecar mfg and installers don't necessarily want to give away their plans, its how they make a living.The r11** bmw's are not easy as they have no real frame down low to connect too and need a pretty decent subframe. if you look in this forum enough you'll find some images Drone's Wumpa thread has some decent images of the DMC idea.Basically you need to remove center stand and all crashbars etc and create a frame attached to both sides of bike and the rear subframe without adding stress to it, depending on where you live I'd suggest finding a car and paying someone to do a good mount.DB

I went and checked your profile, in the NE see Claude @ without purposely trying to offend too many people his mounts are the best and he's in your neighborhood.

claude 10-28-2012 01:13 PM

Here is a picture of one of our subframes for a 1200 GS. We build them to go down both sidecas of the bike and connect in the front and also have a cross member under the seat area. Use as many pick up points as possibel for attachment.We use the center stand bolts the hole across the front of the engine at the bottom, the seat subframe area and also sometimes the front crash bars for added support. You can attach in other areas but be careful as some bolts do have oil behind them :-)
The subframe below is ' in the rough'. We have since changed the style some. This particular one has been to alsaka across the US a couple of times and is heading to africa soon with no issues.

Note that the 1100GS and even the 1150 GS Bikes even in solo trim were known to crack the bike frame just ahead of the rear pannier down low where two members come together even as a solo. For a while some (not us) did do a simple clamp on bracket to hold the upper rear mount in this area and we have replaced many of these types of assemblies to correct a bad design.This is one reason we feel the need for a stout cross member below the seat connected to both sides of the bike. Another reason for a stout subframe is to allow it to take the hits that a skidplate may call upon it to do. More to this than just hanging a sidecar onto the side of a bike. Lots of forces from many angles are sent into any mounting system.

As a side note we do not care for the use of heim ends (SPHERICAL ROD ENDS) when mounting a sidecar. They do make assembly a little easier but they also do not provide any resistance to movement on all planes. They are, by design, made to rotate. This translates into more responsibility required by the upper struts and their attachment points. We feel that all mounts should share the load as equally as possible or at least provide as mush resistance to movement as possible.

Yes, some use heim ends and do okay but we just would rather add a little more resitance to the hinge factor that can is present with the lower mounts. After all Heim ends are made to swivel. If the lower mounts are an eyenut to eyenut or an eyenut to clevis connection there is a built in resistance to movement at the connection. For more resistance they can usually be turned 90- degrees after the setup is made. More invloved to build? Yes. Overkill? Maybe but so what!

davebig 10-28-2012 02:35 PM

Go ahead and make a liar out of me ! Good job nice subframe and, I'm not sure all the competition do such things, the inmate needs to stop in and see you, if I where starting over I would use a non abs r1150r they are around don't have too many computers and are reasonably priced.DB

zipper421 10-28-2012 03:12 PM

what an awesome set up
hope to see you next weekend and pick up my new tub
thanks for the pics

jaydmc 10-29-2012 09:14 AM

Should you deciede you want to buy a sub frame of course we can supply you with one. We also have steering modifications as well as an automotive rear wheel for the bike.
We do use Hiem joints specifcaly as they do have a bearing in them. The design of your mounts should provide all of the strenght needed not the conectors. With heim joints should you wish to change the toe in or lean out you never force stress into the system. This is also why we do not use "turn" buckle type struts as people will just cank on them to force the bike to lean in or out rather then ajdusting both ends.
Hiem joints also make it much easier to take the sidecar on and off.
Jay G
DMC Sidecars

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