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soaz 10-31-2012 06:40 PM

Coffee At Dawn, New Mexico.
So, I'm trying to make the most of my time in New Mexico. I'll be here for a few more months, but since I only have a Triumph Bonneville with me I'm trying to hit up all the tarmac rides I can! :evil

Oh yah, I tend to get a little lazy and put more pics up on my blog than I do on the forums.

Heard about this meetup on Sundays from another rider while up in Angel Fire, NM doing some exploring/camping. Basically, it's a Sunday morning excuse to go ride, shoot the shit, drink too much coffee and stare at bikes. Here:
Given the population of little Albuquerque I'm pretty surprised by the rare bikes I've seen there in the mornings. I'm not surprised, given my experience in this state so far, that everyone there are good people.

So enough talk. Here is a video of cruising up the Sandia Crest near the coffee shop. Up to almost 11,000 feet. Saw deer, turkey and a skunk. They must be freezing their asses off up there because I know I was! :eek1
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Great looking CB750!

A good looking Trident. He puts some miles on this one. Two-up even.

Gorgeous Norton. Built by a company out of Colorado. It. Was. Just. So. Damn. Clean! Whomever restored it just does amazing work!

Even the odd car is allowed here or there!

More cafe love.

This fella road along with his dog. Best passenger ever. No complaining! I think it was a 51 Panhead with a 48 Side car. All rebuilt, by him. I really respect something about folks who do the work themselves, but even more so it tells me about the type of folks that live in this area.

May we all be well into our 70's and riding insanely fast motorcycles...

This old Honda just reminds me of a time when dirt bikes where about putting along and seeing the sites. Not that I don't love my KTM.

A Vincent White Lightning. Prettier than a black shadow? I think it might be.
Either way, sex on wheels.

Can't get enough of the Vincent.

Parilla race bikes. Wow. I still don't hear quite like I should after hearing these start up.

Here is a video of one of them starting.
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A nice rebuilt Indian Scout.
A little modern and a little old. Maybe a good daily rider?!

Nice bumble bee GS.

This nice bolt on hardtail Triumph bobber was also built locally. Nice guy and a great looking bike. Oil tank was an expansion chamber off of I can't remember what. Gold leaf paint was real. Nice bike!

There was even a CBX there. Pretty cool! I really dig this bike! All 6 cylinders of awesome.

Well, being in New Mexico, it's time for the obligatory shots of the Balloon Fiesta which happened a couple weeks ago.
Here we go...
Far away.

Getting closer.

Elvis and Lion are buddies.

Wheel chair moto.

Okay, This is the last one.

Until next time.

soaz 11-30-2012 08:41 PM

Best bags ever...

St Vincent DePaul

Goodwin. Almost a sorta matching set.

RedRockRider 12-02-2012 11:54 AM

Excellent older bikes. Also like the balloons. Those are great side cases on the Super T. I guess all the money was gone.

Thanks for the post. :D

soaz 12-16-2012 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by RedRockRider (Post 20162818)
Excellent older bikes. Also like the balloons. Those are great side cases on the Super T. I guess all the money was gone.

Thanks for the post. :D

Thanks! I'm going to miss riding to this every Sunday. Good bikes and good people.
These are from last week.

soaz 12-16-2012 12:09 PM

This is from today. Snowed last night. I got word that I am moving this Friday so there was no way I was going to miss the last Sunday ride to Coffee. Even if it was below freezing and snowy on the road! :evil
In town the roads were good, but by the time I got to coffee I was riding through slushy snow. Didn't lay it down so that's nice! haha! Just a 2wd Ural made it, but he'd already left.

It was a quiet day at coffee, but a great ride!!

If any of the folks I've met at coffee over the last 7 months happen to read this. Thanks! It was good to have some familiar faces to see and bullshit about bikes with in an unfamiliar town. Till next time, whenever that is.

bobw 12-16-2012 02:11 PM

I am a sucker for these formal/informal meets, amazing folks and machines of all ages, great photos and vid (the balloons were cool too)!!

Cheers and safe travels :beer

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