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GHANTCR 11-01-2012 06:47 PM

Stumbles at 160kph after releasing gas, why?
:rofl My Bike 2004 950 Adv S with 97k km

Installed vacuum pump last week.

Today was the first day I took it on a solo ride I was driving at 160kph and released the gas because of a car that switched lanes without signals "asshole" well thing is it took a second to happen and when i got over the gas the bike stalled for a second or so, so retried the test again and the more time i had the throttle of, well the more time it took for the bike to gain power again.

I have no idea of where to start thinking of what is going on, only thing I can say is that at less than 100kph it just won't happen, or at least I can't feel it.

Any ideas?

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DirtyADV 11-01-2012 09:48 PM

Does it really stall like engine dies or just stumbles when you get back on the throttle? Mine does it too at higher speeds, if after letting go of the throttle so it engine brakes when back on it hesitates a little before power returns fully.

Have blamed it on the 2-1 system ...have been like it for quite some time, plan to go over the carbs this winter and maybe look how the membranes are feeling if they are old and stiff by now maybe that is the problem?

-04 Adv


GHANTCR 11-02-2012 05:48 AM

Stumbles, yes, think i'll too check the carbs, not sure it has something to do with the vacuum pump.

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Duckhams 11-02-2012 06:12 AM

Mine 2005.5 S, I recondition lots of things which makes engine almost new. I start the bike and let it idling then a loud pop soung and engine died. Rectify everything seems fine. Hard to start as if no gas but full tank. Facet fulepump is new. Sas covered. H2W jettings.. ..:huh

Have anyone solved this :ear....

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