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DocAxeYarYar 11-05-2012 04:02 AM

HellBuellies Dual Sporting In Leaky TX!
The annual HellBuellies Thrills In The Hills at Camp Live Oak in Leakey Texas was different this year, but then again they never are the same. The number of riders and the number of Buells tends to vary, depending on circumstances. Its great to go each year, catch up with friends I donít see enough. Many of us HellBuellies have added new types of bikes to our stables, as our Buells get worn out or start to have more mechanical problems. But, itís in the nature of the bikes, and all part of the fun!

We always enjoy going to Camp Live Oak and were blessed with incredible weather, it felt like California in the springtime!

CLO offers some great family time, and our kids had a blast.

The Divide School wild game BBQ dinner, the first Friday of November is fantastic and a local fund raiser. You can get in on Axis, Boar, Bear, Deer, Bison, and more!

On of our dyed-in-the-wool long time Buell rider who has a stable of Buells showed up on this beauty! Now he is dual sporting! I was drooling for sure!

Thanks to KosmicKLR for leading me and Nooner around Leakey and the Three Sisters!

After building up my XR650R, itís working out great!

This was my first real shake down ride on it since I missed RTB. On the road it keeps pulling strong past 80mph, but its a bit vibey and mechanically noisier than my previous DR650. The Leo Vince pipe is pretty quite and has a nice note. Some noises from the motor tend to resonate under the big tank. With current stock gearing it had no problem maintaining 65-70 on the road. But, I understand lots of people put a bit taller gear on it.

On the dirt, yes itís a real torque monster, the motor is a joy. How it pulls from down low is incredible. The suspension offers lots of feedback, you feel everything happening under the bike. I am still working on my DS riding techniques, even more important with a bike that has a lot of power.

The RideDualSport BUTT ride at Big Bend Ranch State Park will give me chance to test it out in rockier conditions, where I can make more use of the suspension. So far, no oil leaks, no coolant leaks, no parts falling off. I think the control cables will need a little attention as they stretch a bit and have to be adjusted. The riding position is perfect for DS easy to stand up and bars in right place. The extra smoothness, the battery capacity, and e-start of the DR650 are all big advantages, but having the torque monster engine, great suspension, and overall dirt worthiness of the XR650R make up for it!

Nooner's Husky is a very capable machine, he's using it for commuting and getting 60 mpg with it, "Hypermiling." Beats the $20 a day it was costing him for gas in his truck!

The lighting that day was not kind to my camera......could not get out of the glare....

My Brother on the XR650R, me on the KLR and Nooner on a new to him (former Hellbuellies Husky) decided to dual sport the area.

Some of our HellBuellie Homies Chillin

CLO offers a great swimming hole, with KosmicKLR making the most of it!

This fine Buell S2 was right at home in Leakey.

Some of the nice rides at Camp Live Oak

Till next year's Thrills in the Hills!

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