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JetSpeed 11-15-2012 03:52 PM

Early 2005 (10/2004) LH Cam Chain Tensioner R1200GS Question
My 40k mile 05 R12GS developed an oil leak on the left side I traced to the cam chain tensioner, the bike also has some valve-train noise at idle when the motor is hot, there is an updated tensioner so I decided to just change out the whole deal while I'm at it.
I read every post I can find on the procedure and it appears to be straight forward and relatively painless, however on my bike, once the tensioner is unscrewed it cannot be removed, the telelever shock strut is in the way so much so that ally-oop maneuver will not work, I monkeyed with it for a couple of hours and had a friend give it a try, no joy.
I'm wondering if the later model R1200GS's don't have a cutout or some other form of extra clearance designed into the bottom of the telever mount to facilitate the removal of the cam chain tensioner on the left side?

The bike is back in the garage and the job is on hold until I can figure out how to get it done.

FlyingFinn 11-15-2012 09:43 PM

It does come out of there.

I've replaced the LH tensioned TWICE on my 2005 GS.
Once way long time ago when then improved design became available and second time just about a month ago because I forgot i had already done it before... :bluduh

No special tricks or tools were involved.


JetSpeed 11-16-2012 06:49 AM

So far everything I've read tells me that what you say is true, but there must be something different or wrong with my bike, I'm mechanically inclined but don't want to start yanking Telelever's needlessly.
I guess I'm looking for the guy that has had the same problem with his bike as me and found an easy solution, or the mechanic who has dealt with this before, if my tensioner is coming out there is certainly a nice trick to it.

JetSpeed 11-16-2012 02:16 PM

After a few more failed attempts at fishing the tensioner out, I decided to just removed the Telelever attaching bolt (on right side) and push the rod out on the left, then lift up gently on the front tire to move it out of the way, this is what I should have done right from the start, it takes literally just a couple of minutes and allows easy access to the cam chain tensioner with a socket which also gives you the ability to torque it down correctly (23.6 ft/lb).

To my surprise my bike had the most to date tensioner installed on the left side but the older and slightly shorter (1/8") spring on the right side.

I'll just complete this write-up with a few photos in case anyone else runs into the same trouble I had or you want a quick and easy way to gain more access to the lh tensioner.

Pop the black plastic cap on the right side Telelever link and remove this bolt with an 18mm socket and extension. :

Push the rod out the left side, it should be greased up and move fairly easy, I used a long screwdriver and slid it right out.
This is the rod greased back up and ready to to push back in.

You can see all the extra room this gives you, my new tensioner is torqued into place and I'm ready to batten everything back down.

New LH tensioner:

VS. My old tensioner

Got it all back together and fired it up, after two seconds it sounded good, no oil leaks and seems to run like it should.

Tourmeister 01-25-2015 10:09 PM


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