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rpage11 11-16-2012 09:46 AM

The John Penton Story
Hey all you vintage dirt bike lovers, here's your chance to make a great project come true. Below is a link to a movie trailer telling the story of PENTON and how John Penton changed the dirt bike scene in America. They are in the funding stage currently and hoping to generate enough interest to get this movie produced. Pass along the link to any fans of that era and maybe soon we'll all get to enjoy this movie on the big screen.

Any support or help to see this through would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Skip Page

These are a great bunch that could use some help and the bike in the trailer at the end isn't all that bad either.

mx-files 11-21-2012 09:23 AM

Man! Super cool of you Skip to put this post up for us. Also, it was great to meet you and use your solid running Penton to film that tease. Everyone loves that sequence!

Yeah, we would be so grateful to anyone who can support, re-post, tweet, share, email, evangelize, etc. to reach the funding goal by 1/14/12!

Below is the promo post card we passed out the AMA Hall of Fame Legends event last weekend.

Have a great holiday weekend and I hope everyone is riding! I will be on my Super Tenere! Wahoo!



yzfcathy 11-22-2012 08:05 AM

IN, I want to see this story told on the silver screen. :nod

Cathy in "Amherst West"

mx-files 11-25-2012 04:27 PM

Thanks Cathy!

A lot of people who pledged last time our coming in at greater amounts! Very encouraging!

Keep pushing and lets find some more Penton "Evangelists" to get the word out!

Have good week all!


rpage11 12-02-2012 01:57 PM

Here are some of the updates that Kickstarter has been sending out. More to wet your appetite.

Project Update #3: Lyle Lovett on Speed with Dave Despain about Penton Film!

Posted by Todd Huffman

For those that missed it last summer, here is the interview with Lyle Lovett by Dave Despain on Speed's Wind Tunnel Show.

As everyone can see Lyle is a moto head and Penton fan from way back! We are so happy he is ready to be part of the movie!

Project Update #4: The Penton Family-Early Pictures

Posted by Todd Huffman

This is the first of a few updates with some great pictures of the John Penton and his family courtesy of the Penton Family and Ed Youngblood's book, "John Penton and the Off-Road Motorcycle Revolution".

Coming up will be a gallery of John Penton's early racing years.

Project Update #5: Listen to John Penton on DMXS Radio...

Posted by Todd Huffman

Penton Fans,

Here is the interview our good friends at DMXS radio did last June with John Penton. David Izer and Kevin Kelly do a great job interviewing the luminaries of our sports and are big supporters of our historical film and TV projects. To listen regularly to DMXX visit:

Here is the John Penton interview link:

Project Update #6: AMA National Champion Steve Wise to be part of John Penton Film!

Posted by Todd Huffman

I was contacted yesterday by AMA legend, Steve Wise about his history with racing Penton's early in his career. He said his Penton was his secret weapon down in Texas and like others springboarded his MX career.

(From AMA HoF website) "Wise earned the distinction of becoming the only rider in history to win AMA motocross, AMA Supercross and AMA Superbike nationals. The Texan further proved his all-around talent by earning a podium result in the AMA Grand National Championship when he took third, in his very first Grand National Dirt Track appearance, at the Houston Astrodome TT National in 1982." He also won the famed "Superbikers" on ABC Wide World of Sports twice!

I asked Steve if he would consider being interviewed for the film if we were funded through Kickstarter and he said "Sure!". We will be so honored to have him join our cast of characters for this important story.

For more information on Steve Wise:

Jeffn 12-10-2012 04:39 PM

Massively cool. I bought one of Tom's old ISDT practice 175s in about 1975-cannot recall where it went but it was fun buzzing the streets of Daytona on it enroute to riding areas(remember them?) and riding back muddy home. All this while attending AMI and catching grief from the HD boyz.

This is me on a pal's 125 in VT in about '73-74 entertaining the locals-the one that led to the 175 Jackpiner(Penton Racing Green of course).

Doug Matson 12-10-2012 09:54 PM

Saw this at the M/C show in Long Beach last friday, cool bike with some history.

Jeffn 12-11-2012 07:30 AM

Gotta love fender mounts that you could winch the bike off the ground with.

rpage11 12-11-2012 01:41 PM

Here's my line up.

No longer have the 125 steel tanker, someone needed it more than me.

But I did replace it recently with this.....

Now just need the stainless steel spokes and it'll be ready to go.

mx-files 12-13-2012 01:51 PM

Looks great Skip!

We just went over $50,000 with a little more than 30 days to go!

Thanks for everyone for pledging for the movie but we can use more help to push us over the top.

As little as $1!

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Just got word that my heated grips for my Super Tenere are coming from Twisted Throttle! Those guys are great!.

Warm hands for Todd!

yzfcathy 12-15-2012 11:35 PM

The finished Wassel

The other little project he launched into while waiting for Wassel parts last week.
My newly purchased 30th Anniversary KTM 200 EXC PENTON tribute Jack Piner Limited Edition.

And the completed pair

mx-files 12-20-2012 05:46 AM

Over Halfway There!!!!

Good morning ADV Gang,

Yesterday we received (2), yes (2) $10,000 pledges including one from KTM USA (We love those guys!), pushing the number closing in on $78,000 with 25 days left. This is essentially like starting the last campaign with $78,000 but only having to raise $150,000 not $275,000. Great news!

We only have (1) $10,000 level left but (14) $5,000 left...If we can get to $100,000 quickly, motivating a few deep pockets will be easier along with all of us regular Joe's (which we love) with $10, $25, $50 to be part of the project.

A few other things going on:

Getting ready to release a series (5) of short videos from the interviews with John, Jack and Dane. These are only 1-2 minutes long about a specific story that will be included in the final film. Some neat stuff you all will like. Maybe as early as the next 2-3 days. We'll release a video every few days leading up to the final days. (Need everyone to forward and promote links!)

Looks like a couple of newspapers are getting involved in the story based on a press release we sent out. The Chronicle-Telegram for Lorain County and Amherst News are working on stories.

We are getting ready to send specific email to over 300 KTM dealers in the USA to support the project and be able to use the final film in screenings for their local market and club/store promotion and charities

I have people in Hollywood looking at getting the film in real theaters for at least one night or weekend

I have approached a major cable TV network about airing the film once completed.

I have contacted Diamond Don Rainey to use his Riverfront National in April as a backdrop to shoot some re-creation scenes of John's enduro runs because of the vast number of historic enduro bikes that will race there in his beautiful countryside. Will probably be doing more at Mid-Ohio.

When (not if) the Project on Kickstarter is successful:

1) We will be arranging to head east for a research trip, interviewing important characters and POG members to get all the correct storylines and possible on-camera interview subjects lined up. The IMS Show in Cleveland may be the first stop for us to meet and talk to you all.

2) Once we have all the characters lined up, we will begin looking at the calendar for possible shoot trips taking into account people's schedules, weather, etc. for long travel shoots.

3) Shooting will take place in Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Northern and Southern California and Europe. The Europe trip (maybe 2) will be a big one because we'll need to carefully schedule the trip for the KTM stories and interviews in Austria, the Alpinestars story in Italy, plus Germany, the UK, (Russia-Gennady Moiseev?) and I'm sure more that will come up. In Europe we also want to capture the european culture and look to make a strong contrast to the US side of the story.

4) We should be done shooting by the Fall with what I'm guessing could be 50-75 interviews and hundreds of hours of footage to start going through. From there, we start to craft our final story, adding pick-up shoots, sourcing and organizing archival materials, etc.

5) The final 4-5 mos will be spent writing, editing, working with Lyle Lovett on his narration and music, etc. to have a completed movie by May-June of 2014.

6) A long ride on my Yamaha Super Tenere, some fly-fishing and a beer for the Producer..:)

But, we have to get to this January 14th finish line first and we need everyone's help to pledge (if you haven't) and push the project to others to pledge. Remember as little as $1 can be pledged!

Oh, yeah and we came up with this nice Certificate of Support below that everyone will get to hang on their wall. We'll send a PDF for people to print out.

So, everyone get out there and pledge and push on your facebook pages, emails, twitter accounts, etc. The movie will be a great promotion or fundraising piece for local dealers and motorcycle clubs in cities all over the US and abroad and we'll make it available!

Merry Chrismas all and look for those fun videos coming up!



mx-files 12-25-2012 06:51 AM

Video #1-John Penton on high pain threshold
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoy this first video of a series of five we are calling "Penton Conversations". These are from the actual interviews with John and Jack Penton as well as the late Dane Leimbach that will be part of "The John Penton Story" if we are successful in this campaign with 3 weeks left.

In this short two minute excerpt John talks about his high threshold for pain while he was racing in championship enduros.I hope it shows you how interesting and important this story is and why the world of motorcycling needs to see it.

If you pledged in the last campaign and have not yet done so in this one please do if you can, because all the other pledges do not rollover. A lot of folks think they did. We are well over the halfway mark and need everyone to help put pledging and spreading the word!

Here is the link for the current project:

All the best to you and yours this Christmas season!



elron 12-25-2012 10:19 AM

Glad to be in on this as a small time supporter and see it posted here in ADVRider. John Penton was one of my inspirations to get off-road, back in the day.. haven't stopped since. Good for KTM USA, too.:clap

mx-files 12-27-2012 06:40 AM

Penton Conversations Video #2-Jack Penton on The KTM Relationship
This is #2 of five videos in a short series from interviews with John and Jack Penton and the late Dane Leimbach for the forthcoming film, "The John Penton Story" narrated by Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett.

In this short piece, Jack Penton talks about his dad's relationship with KTM President, Erich Trunkenpolz.

Please help support this project by January 14th, 2013 at

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