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JonW 11-24-2012 05:25 AM

My new website:
Well after uploading the first tranche I promised I would do an update... and then it took ages to deliver... hmmm.... my apologies! Never underestimate the slog that goes into such a task is what I say, I sure did when I originally professed that I would have the updates done in a week... oops... it took more like 3 months!

I'm pleased to say Ive finally got the story of the RD421LC fully updated til where it is now on my website, phew! My RD350LC 421cc Athena

I have also condensed and updated, rewritten and improved and put my 1985 F1 YPVS on my website as well. The story of that bike can now be found by clicking this link: Jon's 1985 RZ350 that was a RZ250 YPVS F1

....and the full site (with more upgrades - R6 shock / Zeel info / links etc etc) is here: Full website

For those that havent look at it yet, it does also have my MT250, SL125 and a bunch of other stuff too... and its still growing... so long as I can keep typing :1drink

I hope you enjoy!

Gham 11-25-2012 12:50 PM

Just had a moment to glance at your site but I have bookmarked it for the future.looks promising

I'm not a huge watch afficienado but there are several here who are by the way.

JonW 11-25-2012 11:41 PM

Cool, you will need either beer or coffee, depending on the time of day I guess, to read my bike site as its huge and full of info about my love of two strokes, Im sure there will be something there you will enjoy. I have never posted much about my projects on ADV as my XL500R project is still in boxes and my various KTM supermoto projects either were perfect and used, or never saw the light of day... the 2stokes tho... well those are another story! :evil

Watches... always nice to talk to fellow watch guys :clap

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