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tassie jeeper 11-29-2012 09:38 PM

dirt bike cafe racer pics
how many guys have converted their dirt bikes to cafe racers??

i got a XR600R in pieces atm but im going to cafe race it with alloy seat and tank & a custom subframe.

so post up any pics u got (doesn't have to be honda just any trail bike converted to cafe):deal

tassie jeeper 11-29-2012 10:45 PM

some example pics

below is a picture of my bike before the teardown and below that is a sketch in paint to give a rough idea of what it will looke like i am going for a modern take on the classic brittish cafe racer so it will be based on the classic bit have led lights, disc brakes, mono shock and USD forks:deal

it will have CR500 suspension 106mm piston, 90mm stroke, hot cam, flatslide pumper carb, bigfinned ported head with cloverleaf, oil cooler and about 50ish HP

tassie jeeper 12-06-2012 02:29 PM

341 views and no post surly someone on here has done something like this...?:huh

i found a few pics on google but was hoping some of u guys had some pics i hadn't seen and perhaps some more insight:deal

plugeye 12-06-2012 02:52 PM

nope sorry.
dont like cafes, the humped fender aint right & handlebars painful.
other than a streettracker, stock is better for me.
best of luck to ya

tassie jeeper 12-06-2012 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by jehu (Post 20192688)
There are many. You gotta search for them. There's a real nice XR650R that has been cafed.
Two versions of me and the C&J XL440 by AZjohnny, on Flickr

cheers for the link i had been searching for 600 (lots more results for the 650) "its all in the wording)

an i quite like your bike handlebars a tad low for me would kill my back (i intend on cheating by dropping the forks in the t's and running the clip ons above the fork t rather than under wont look quite as cool but will be a more comfortabe possi.

main point of thread was to see some of this thread users bike like yourself and see what u guys started with wat parts u bought/made and how it all ended up if anyone know of any build threads id love a link i did a search on here but found nothing. there is some cool stuff on rolland sands websight/ebay channel he done a KTM and a CR500 also pretty cool

tassie jeeper 12-07-2012 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by jehu (Post 20196273)
Those bars would be too low for me today but I was "young" and full of vigor when that pic was taken. I was road racing the bike at a track with a looong front straight and wanted to get as low as possible. This bike went through many alterations during the 19 years I owned it. Sure miss that machine!

glad to hear it served u well stil have not ridden a rd bike that will out corner a traily on the tight and twisties.
im not too worried about top speed as i have no real intrest where i will be riding it ill be cruising at about 120km along the highway for only half hour at most then into the twisties where only 2nd-3rd gear will be used :freaky and thats where all the fun is to be had i had to laugh my father went through the twisties with a mate my father was on a triumph thruxton with a stage 1 cam ign box and pods and he beat his mate that was riding a hot cbr1000R because he couldnt use the power he had lol:deal

its a shame their are not more classic looking bikes around all i see is old 4cyl's and crap from the 80's+ no british heritage down here at all:huh

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