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realshelby 12-04-2012 02:52 PM

WERKS Final Drive Minders for Beemers-Chudder Free Clutch Baskets for V Stroms
I am a do-it-yourself guy that developed a couple of products for motorcycles out of my own need. They have been so popular I have taken it to the next level and introducing them to a wider audience. I have formed a company to run everything thru. That keeps everything legitimate, and allows me to offer invoices/sales reciepts and online secure payment methods. I built my own website and will keep up to date pricing, information, and feedback there.

Ordering information is on the website. Questions or concerns? E-mail Terry

Introducing WERKS Parts LLC

The WERKS clutch baskets I build for DL 1000, KLV 1000, and SV 1000 owners have really made a difference. If you are familiar with these bikes, you have probably heard of "Clutch Chudder". The only cure was to replace the basket with a new OEM unit.....and wait for the chudder to return! Now with the modifications and upgrades the WERKS package offers we can fix the weak factory design and improve on the performance. By fixing the inner plate with the addition of 3 machined bushings to locate it, and carefully adding weld to the spring pockets ( and hand fitting each one at a time to the basket for a slight interference fit ) the weak inner plate design is put where it is supposed to be and will stay there. A high precision bearing is fitted to the basket, and a second bearing is added to the top plate where the factory didn't even put one. The performance is better than a brand new basket. Less vibration across the rpm range and built to last.

Current cost to have your basket modified to WERKS standards is $285. I keep brand new DL and SV baskets in stock, the current price to have one of those built to WERKS standards for you is $595.

WERKS Final Drive Minder. Yes, my Beemer had a problem with the final drive unit. For those of you who have heard of that before....I offer peace of mind. I don't feel like replacing the Crown bearing at 52K is a big deal. I had about $130 in parts. I spend a LOT more than that every time I put new sprockets and chain on the V Stroms. What is a big deal is when the final drive leaves you stranded! What if there was a way to detect the first signs of bearing failure? They are there, and there could be a few thousand miles between the early signs and a roadside failure. With a 12,000 mile lubricant change interval the magnet on the drain plug just doesn't help. We need a way to have real time inspection of the final drive. The WERKS Final Drive Minder gives this ability. No tools are needed. Simpy unscrew the indicator and inspect the magnet for small flakes of shiny material. Done during pre-ride inspection or at fuel stops on a cross country tour the rider will gain confidence that final drive problems are not a problem for todays ride! We already have evidence that they collect these early signs of failure. Simple to install, simply replace your fill plug on Oilhead final drive housings. Two versions are availble.
Final Drive Minder - Aluminum is currently priced at $39.80
Final Drive Minder - Stainless Steel is currently priced at $47.80
$4 shipping in CONUS, $8 other destinations. Sales tax for Texas residents to enjoy paying.

Tosh Togo 12-04-2012 08:09 PM

The clutch-engagement noise that your hardware is designed to reduce is called judder, not chudder.

realshelby 12-05-2012 05:16 AM

While the WERKS basket modifications do reduce noise, that was the last thing I was working to improve during development. Chudder is a VERY strong vibration during acceleration thru the 2500-4000 rpm range. So annoying that owners will just stay out of that rpm range where possible. My modificatons eliminate these vibrations. They also improve other areas including lowering noise. The term "chudder" is a hybrid word that V Strom and SV owners came up with to describe these vibrations. If you spend much time around DL or SV 1000 owners you will hear the term mentioned frequently.

Jake Mountain 12-05-2012 05:16 AM

Actually I believe the vstrom community does refer to it as Chudder, which is a combination of 2 issues

realshelby 12-12-2012 06:01 AM

For Inmates only!

WERKS Modified Clutch Baskets- If you can ship your worn out DL 1000 or SV 1000 clutch basket to me this month your cost for the modifications is $250! That is $35 dollars off ( over 12%). I have not offered discounts like this before, so show me ADV riders are worthy! This discount will pay most of the return shipping for International customers ( usually in the $45-$50 USD range ).

This discount gets the cost well below what a new basket from the OEM costs and there is simply no comparison in durability and chudder/vibration/noise control.

This is a trial program only running here. I must recieve the basket this month. Contact Terry with questions or to set up the process. I can take PayPal or send an invoice that has a very easy online payment method using your checking account for US customers. Takes 1-2 days to do the modifications once I receive your basket.

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