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r6-lover 12-08-2012 09:58 PM

Canada to Panama.
Hey Ya all. My Name is Randy. 34 yrs old and gonna be living my dream! have been thinking about doing this ride for a few years now. It has finally come to pass. I Trucked My 2008 KLR 650 from Calgary, Alberta where I live to Vancouver, B.C. where the weather is a bit more rider friendly this time of year. I left Vancouver today Dec the 8th.

I have very few plans, and no schedule. I just wanna ride. I Just have to be back to Work my the end of March. So that should get me enought time to get down to Panama. My plan is to sell the bike down there and fly home. If anyone has had any experiece with that or know of anyone that wants to take over from there, feels free to send me a message.

Looking forward to meeting other riders along the way, share some plans and hopefully ride together for extra safety.

I will be riding down the coast then cut accross to Arizone and cross the border from there. I did the Baja A few years ago on my Sport Bike (Yamaha R1) and looking to take a different route this time.

Will post pics as I go.

Doghouse 12-08-2012 10:19 PM

Panama Bound
Good for ya mate and looking forward to your ride. Also smart taking the coast in our weather up north here in WA, the temps will be a little warming on those mornings closer to the water and so the ice shouldn't be a problem yet like it is already here in Wenatchee. Dial 511 in WA and it gives you Department of Transportation info on your roadways and alerts. I'm in!:kumbaya

beemer67 12-08-2012 11:42 PM

Hey Randy,
Hope you are familiar with Horizons Unlimited site. You should be able to find out what's involved in selling your bike in Panama and where other travellers are on the road in relation to you.

Enjoy your trip.

Kedgi 12-09-2012 04:01 AM

Hi from a Canadian in Panama
Hi Randy

I'm in Panama City this morning. I rode my KLR down from Atlantic Canada. The bike is on it's way today to Bogata and I am too.

Here is a link to my ride report. Feel free to PM me anytime.

Have a great trip!


0theories 12-09-2012 02:42 PM

South from Phoenix
Hey man,

I'm riding a KLR from Portland to Panama. In Phoenix now, but leaving tomorrow and crossing the border at Nogales on Tuesday morning. Sounds like you're not far behind. My RR is in my sig. Maybe we can meetup sometime and ride south together. lev

r6-lover 12-09-2012 02:53 PM

ya 0theories I am following your ride already. Hope to run into you somewhere along the way.

sibyib 12-09-2012 04:13 PM

I'm in
subscibed, ontario freezing rain today, take us some place warm and be safe.

QueenLee 12-09-2012 06:56 PM

Don't forget pics...have fun and be safe..
And just ride!!!

Sent from YoMama

Cmnthead 12-12-2012 09:15 PM

Hey there. I look forward to following your rr. I will be about 11 months behind you. I hope to leave the middle of next November. I am going alone but look forward to meeting other riders along the way.

When you get to Panama I can help you out with storage, paperwork and selling the bike. I have imported several different vehicles into Panama for myself and helped others with the same. I also imported most of my house that i started building in 2000 (ICF). I have a very trustworthy lawyer that can handle all the paperwork. My next trip is on December 31st and it will be my 30th trip to the country since 2006.

If nothing else I can offer you storage for the bike and if you like, a place to hang your hat for a few days in the apartment at my house. I am off the beaten path about 10 minutes East of Las Tablas in the Provence of Los Santos. The beach is called Playa Uverito.

Lots of local places to eat within a 10 minute walk of my shack on the beach. You are out in the open with all the locals. It is not a gated community or a tourist trap.

PM me if you have any other questions or if I can help you out.

All I ask for in return is that you allow me to pick your brain for info on your ride down to help me out with my trip. Ohh.........and one other thing, the rent for the apartment is very steep. We would like any of our guests to purchase any type of home decor or any little accent to leave at our house so that every decoration in it will eventually have a unique story to tell. Hope that is not to steep!

Hope I can help
Thanks and safe travels

moe.ron 12-15-2012 04:45 PM

Hey there Randy! I met you at The Rock Store this afternoon with UpST8.

It was great talking to you, wish I had the time to make that kind of trip! I am going to begin planning a dream journey for a couple years down the road soon, where to I have no idea!

If you need anything at all do not hesitate to contact me, it takes a lot of courage to do a trip like that on your own. I will be following your trip from here. Have a terrific time, safe travels, and a great holiday!

UpST8 12-15-2012 05:27 PM

Hey Randy :wave

Very cool to run into you today!! Best of luck in your adventure!!
Rock Store on Mulholland Highway

GoinPostal 12-15-2012 07:33 PM

Me too
My riding buddy ADV Fool and I will be heading down to Panama a couple of months after you. Possibly meet up with you before you head back home. Have a great adventure and be safe

r6-lover 12-15-2012 07:51 PM

THANKS GUYS. It was great running into you guys at the Rock Store.

Hevy Kevy 12-16-2012 05:45 AM


moe.ron 12-16-2012 02:06 PM


Originally Posted by GoinPostal (Post 20258668)
My riding buddy ADV Fool and I will be heading down to Panama a couple of months after you. Possibly meet up with you before you head back home. Have a great adventure and be safe

Let us know when rolling through SoCal!

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