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MiteyF 12-13-2012 08:36 PM

Help with a BMW 650 "project" - ABS removal?
I recently bought a 2002 BMW 650 engine and frame for a whopping $100, complete with wiring, swinger, TB etc. The plan is to swap the engine into a modified frame I have. After tearing into it a little, there's a LOT of wiring that I would like to minimize. I'm planning on building a sort of dirt tracker/gravel/FS road runner, and I don't want the ABS (among other things). I'd like to get rid of all of the hard lines, wires etc that are associated with it, as opposed to just using the switch to turn it off.

Is there a writeup anywhere on how to do this? What can I remove? Do I need to add any resistors, splice any wires etc etc to fool the ECU?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

Andyvh1959 12-15-2012 07:47 AM

I'm pretty sure that on the F650 the ABS is an independent part of the brake system. You should be able to remove the wheel speed sensors and all wiring related to them. There may also be a signal from the speedometer tot eh ABS module, not sure. Without the speed sensors in the system, the ABS cannot function. The wiring harness for the ABS module can be traced from the module to other points in the harness and removed.

The rest should just be the hydraulic side of the system. The ABS system plumbs into the standard brakes in a way to override the operator input when the system senses wheel lockup. So in essence the ABS system "doubles" the connections into the hydraulic brakes. The calipers are the same as a bike without ABS. So remove the ABS module and the respective steel and rubber lines from it to the calipers and front and rear master cylinders (front brake lever, rear brake pedal). Either plug the lines where the ABS tees into the system, or simply replace all the brake lines with standard brake hoses run from the master cylinders to the front and rear calipers.

Not sure if there are separate check valves in the ABS circuit, or if they are built into the ABS module. But once you route brake hoses direct from the lever/pedal to the calipers, any other parts in the ABS system can be removed/sold. I doubt there is any connection between the ABS module and the engine ECM, so no wiring issues there.

MiteyF 12-15-2012 04:55 PM

Wonderful, very useful info. Thanks!

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