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jmderyke 12-19-2012 05:56 AM

Reviving DR350..... Part interchange
Hi there I am brand new to this forum and just got a 1993 DR350 that I am bringing back from the dead. I would rather have the 650 but I cant complain about the price I got it for. Im pretty handy with mechanics and want to do some serious work to it.
Anyway I would like to get a list going of what parts are interchangeable with later DR models and popular up grades to the DR350.
For example my hubs are 4 bolt disc brake and later models like 97 year have 6 bolt do they have the same axle diameter? so if i wanted to pick up some wheels would they swap? And Suspension upgrades! I noticed this bike wasnt made for a 200lb rider. And another biggy any options about a stator upgrade? has anyone done this with a 350? Thanks guys

Canadian FJR 12-19-2012 06:36 AM

Welcome to the DR world. Search DR-350 Thread, pour a coffee and start reading. There is a huge following for this bike.

Canadian FJR

jmderyke 12-19-2012 07:13 AM

oh i c thanks

wkbogie 12-21-2012 06:57 PM

Good spot to learn
Hey man, I am in the same boat. I have an old DR350 waiting for a rebuild as well. They are great bikes! I found this site and have been reading everything I can while I heal from surgery. There is a killer writeup with lots of photos from DisTech. I read that thing a couple times this year. Good luck and post a lot of pics on this thread as you can when you get going, it seems to generate alot of support and tips. Maybe I can learn some more from your adventure. :*sip* Or at least kill more time at work.

mwilliamshs 01-21-2013 04:32 PM

3 men in a boat
I'm in that boat too! Let's all paddle together. I posted over in the dr350 thread about this same thing. I made a little list of compatible parts between a 93 dr250s and a 99 dr350se that I plan on expanding. My current interest is primarily maintenance but I'm sure some upgrades with occur after that's been accomplished to my satisfaction for a 3k mile ride this summer. I'll copy that list and post here as well...

shift lever part numbers:

EMGO part number 83-88087
IMS part number 315514; fits Suzuki DR250 (1990-1995), DR350 (1990-1999), DR650 (1990-2006)
Moose part number MSU11 (DR250/350 90-92); MSU12 (DR250/350 93-99, DR350 97-99)

mirror mounts are 10 mm 1.25 mm

Fits both:

front brake pins same
front tires interchange
rear tires interchange
fork seals interchange
frame covers interchange
front fenders interchange
rear fenders interchange
rear axle interchange
both sides chain adjuster interchange
front cap same
front protector tube same
front spoke set interchange
front rim interchange
front inner tube interchange
oil filter: EMGO: 301701 fits both
Turn signal lens, amber: k&s 21534 fits both
clutch spring set: ebc: 382014 fits both
front sprockets interchange
clutch kit:ebc:384071 fits both
exhaust same
skid plate same
foot pegs same
push/pull throttle cables: motion pro: 040144 fits both
shifter same
rear disc guard fits both moose shark fin
air filter fits both

Doesn't Fit Both:

front master cylinders differ
rear wheel bearings differ
clutch cables differ
front wheel bearings differ
shock bearings differ
rear hub different
rear rotors differ
front hub differ
front axles differ
speedo drive differ
starters differ
front brake rotors different

Any other info guys?

mwilliamshs 01-22-2013 02:06 PM

Got it!
Okay I've printed a parts manual for the 1999 350SE and compared it to the 1993 250S parts diagrams online at bikes-trikes-and-quads. I've gone through it page by page marking each line with a check for same or an X for different so I do at least know what will interchange between these two bikes and I've written the 250's part-numbers next to what doesn't interchange so I've basically consolidated two parts books into one (nearly all the diagrams are positively identical, in spite of different part #'s). I'm sure doing the same thing for two other bikes would be just as effective. Comparing two parts diagrams online is not nearly as easy as glancing from paper to screen and back and doing it this way has given me a permanent and portable reference but printing 200+ pages of a reference you'll rarely need and is available online for free is admittedly not ideal. I'm not posting the entire list here but I'm more than happy to answer a few specific questions and when I'm done I'll make a few generalized, categorical lists in my trip planning thread, "Dirt Noobs: Father&Son..."


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