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Bob 12-31-2012 01:25 PM

1150GS Clutch Pushrod
I rode my GS for the first time after being gone for the summer for about 20 miles. There was a strong gear oil smell??
No sign of leaks anywhere? I pulled the starter (to look at clutch) and no sign of leak but definite smell. I pulled the slave and saw the sign of sludge in the cavity behind slave.
I ordered a new slave, seal and felt for shaft. Parts arrived and I cleaned up the area to get started,I was going to remove the clutch shaft to get to the seal.I figured the felt might cause drag on removal or oil residue was making it difficult to grab and pull the rod? I got out the needle nose vicegrip and tried to grab the shaft (not area of shaft that enters slave) but it doesn't want to come out??
I read a bunch of threads on clutch and slave replacement but don't see much on this specific issue.
What am I missing?
Also I have seen in the posts about either cutting the new gasket or drilling a weep hole, seems like cutting the gasket would be the easiest and I didn't find anything on anyone actually drilling the hole?

vintagerider 12-31-2012 02:52 PM

Good questions. Did you smell the gear oil from within the bell housing? If so then the front input seal may be leaking or it could be oil transported from the slave cavity.

Yours had the earlier grey colored input shaft rear seal so its good that you are replacing w/brown one. Did you use the drill and slide hammer method for removal?

No advantage to pulling the push rod just to replace that seal. I left push rod alone for fear of damaging it. Design is for it to come out the front.

Not convinced of the value of the felt. I think that you'd have to r-r the gear box to drill it. No body has tried this yet as far as I know but I've proposed that if the box was pulled then connect the kanister purge solenoid to the cavity via a trap. That would keep dust and moisture out.
Since the slave is usually good for 50k I don't worry much about providing for the drain.

Did you try my posted method of pulling the slave with banjo's still attached?

Bob 01-01-2013 12:55 PM

Yes smelled of gear oil in bell housing, You can sorta see the front of trans and input shaft seal, no leak there or anywhere else that you can see from the starter access.

I pulled the seal last night, it was hard to get the drill positioned to get the hole in seal. I used a smaller bit and a #6 hex head screw, puller made quick work of removal. I cleaned and greased new seal and hammered home with a socket.

I pulled the old slave and then removed the line after pulling all slack to rear, that seemed to work for me. I drained all fluid before I started, I just moved bleeder to low point and pumped lever till it was dry and then let gravity do the rest. Oh and the fluid was clear and didn't look bad, I changed it about a year ago.

I saw a post on pushrods somewhere here and they talked about 1100 rods going in from the front of trans and 1150 going in from front OR rear. Since I bought the new felt I would like to change it unless the trans needs to come out first?

Hopefully you or someone else will chime in before I button it back up.

Thanks everybody that has documented this and so many other maintenance procedures on these bikes.

GS Addict 01-01-2013 10:27 PM

The pushrod will come out, you just have to wiggle and twist gently. I use needle nose vise grips. Some times takes a bit of effort. (it is held in there by friction to the release spring) If you damage the end by accident it can be dressed with a fine file.
Check that the release bearing on the slave piston turns freely and is not dry and rusty looking. If it is chances are the slave will need replacing.
If not lube and re-install as per this post:

Bob 01-04-2013 10:40 AM

Thanks for the info, got my parts and will give the pushrod a tug and twist again, hope it is clean and dry!
I got the new slave greased and everything else clean again, trimmed the hose cover back. Need some more black ties and hopefully a weekend ride.

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