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ViperACR 01-08-2013 12:08 PM

Lowering KTM 950 SE????
Does anyone know of a way to lower the KTM 950 SE? I want to buy one but looking at the seat height I don't know if I should. Thanks for any help.

ciedema 01-08-2013 12:33 PM

PM the TwoMotoKiwis - they lowered theirs. I think they used an SM rear shock and pushed the forks through the trees a about an inch.

River6822 01-08-2013 12:33 PM

Seat Height
Many of us have gone through these pains. You can modify your seat for about an 1" or 2" max. You can have the suspension professionally modified as well.

I would guess that the majority here will tell you to learn to ride it as is. Once you do you'll really come to appreciate what the bike is capable of.

Search the forums. It's a well discussed issue.

buzybraza 01-08-2013 12:57 PM

contact this guy...

Bob599 01-08-2013 01:13 PM

Cost is about $500 to have it lowered by a pro. the suspension is can be put back to original for much less if you don't like it. I lowered my 530 and love it! dropped it 3" total and the bike is fantastic.

mcmann 01-08-2013 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by ViperACR (Post 20428788)
Does anyone know of a way to lower the KTM 950 SE? I want to buy one but looking at the seat height I don't know if I should. Thanks for any help.

Back off the rear spring tension as much as possible and raise the forks in the triple camps an inch . . . Will drop the bike a full inch or more. Make sure you loosen the chain when you back off the spring. You can get a 17" rear wheel and 19" front too. I am 5'11" . . . Worked great for me.

v8toilet 01-08-2013 07:19 PM

Here is my .02 which might be unpopular because it's not the cheapest way.

If you need the bike lowered you can do it cheap... but even sitting lower it won't work right for you. If you are a lighter fellow like me getting the bike lower is a start but the valving and spring rates are wacky so it will ride cruddy for most people (there are exceptions). If you want to lower it cheaply first and make sure you love the bike, do it, once your sure get in touch with a KTM suspenders fellow.

Contact Superplush, or Konflict (not particularly in any order) and get pricing and find out what they can do for you. People on here spend big $$$ on bags and GPS and exhaust and performance mods but the best $$$ you can spend is on getting the suspension dialed for your weight and riding style/environment.

I know some racers who have to travel, (sometimes internationally) they they don't pack exhaust cans or handle bars or ECU programmers or jet kits, they put their suspension in boxes and travel to a dealer put them on a bone stock bike and go win races.

Have fun, enjoy the SE!

David37 01-09-2013 09:40 PM

Trail Trick suspension closed down their shop.

Hipster 01-10-2013 07:09 AM

You could ask ktmtwins if their 950/990 Adv lowering kit will work on a 950 SE

v8toilet 01-10-2013 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by David37 (Post 20442528)
Trail Trick suspension closed down their shop.

Sorry wasn't aware of that. I've fixed my post.

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