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duncanmac 01-09-2013 02:27 AM

POLL: Is the Zumo 665 Reliable or Not?
With its satellite features - XM radio, traffic and weather - the Zumo 665 seems to be in a class of its own. But research on the internet, including ADVRider; suggests that there may be quality issues. However, in the finest of Shakespearean traditions - 'the evil men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with the bones' - people are quick to publish their gripes, while one assumes that there must be many 665 users who are quite content with the performance of their unit and we rarely hear from them.

As I am about to order my unit, I thought I would round off my research by conducting a simple poll of users. There are only two possible answers to the question, so thou shalt not perch on the fence!

Please note: this is not about HOW the unit works, but rather about IF it works as it should.

Over to my fellow inmates!

River Pilot 01-13-2013 04:59 PM

Good evening duncanmac,

The Zumo 665LM is a fantastic device and best in class. Yes, it is just as reliable as any other Zumo. Have used it and found no issues. Jump in and enjoy. Here is our opinion on that device along with a few others.

Also, just had a discussion with another rider on the XM topic. Post #6 and #8 may of value to you.

River Pilot
Cheyenne, WY. U.S.A.

duncanmac 01-20-2013 07:47 PM

This topic and related poll are somewhat 'slower' than I thought they might be. I rationalise that by thinking that perhaps there are not that many 665's out there.

However, of the seven votes cast at the time of typing, 100% concur that the unit is reliable and does its job. I thought that those with problems might have said so.....!?

On Friday night I ordered mine and if Fedex is on time I should have it by this Friday. In due course I will cast my vote and, at the cost, I hope it is also in the affirmative!

74C5 01-20-2013 07:54 PM

Great GPS. Just don't try to get it to work with a Cardo Scala G4 and a pillion all at the same time. Incompatible.

duncanmac 01-21-2013 01:34 AM

Cardo Compatability
I guess I will find out in due course whether my Cardo Scala Rider Q2 set is compatible with the 665. I have an email from Cardo saying all Riders are compatible with a list, which includes the 665.

Anyone out there with some information on what DOES work with the 665 when riding with a pillion?

everycredit 01-25-2013 12:24 AM

I just bought a 665 and the sound was pretty crappy on arrival. Garmin will give me an RMA in a few hours and it's going back for repair/replacement.

Seems like if it gets hot, the sound squeals, dies, or does something in between (unusable in any event). Sound will dump to the external speaker, regardless if anything is connected to it. I haven't tried bluetooth connection via headset (I don't own a bluetooth headset just yet).

duncanmac 02-04-2013 11:43 PM

Early Days, but so Far so Good
I received my 665 last week. I have loaded music, paired my iPhone and Scala Q2 headset. So far all is working as it should. In fact, I am rather pleased with it. The caveat is that, being in Australia, I haven't been able to test the XM features. Looking forward to that in July.

I do have one gripe, but it is not aimed at the hardware, but the Australian map, by Navteq. They are pretty dumb and rather awful when compared to the Whereis map used by Tomtom. Still, I eventually get where I need to go - some times in a circle, literally - and the acid test will be my satisfaction with the USA maps. But I cast my vote in favour. (Y)

Mudcat 02-05-2013 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by duncanmac (Post 20652974)
I do have one gripe, but it is not aimed at the hardware, but the Australian map, by Navteq. They are pretty dumb and rather awful when compared to the Whereis map used by Tomtom. Still, I eventually get where I need to go - some times in a circle, literally - and the acid test will be my satisfaction with the USA maps. But I cast my vote in favour. (Y)

Thatís disappointing.:eek1
Are you positive itís the map and not the way you have the Zumo calculating routes?
Have you looked to see what avoidances have been checked? Route by shorter distances usually works best for me.

My copies of City Navigator NA seem to be pretty good road maps.

duncanmac 02-10-2013 12:02 AM

Garmin Australian Maps
A week has passed and I continue to familiarise myself with this tool. Still happy, but my gripe about Australian maps is only reinforced. The thing seems to actively avoid freeway riding.

I have unchecked all avoidances to give the machine maximum flexibility in choosing the fastest routes. Yesterday I was mightily disappointed when heading home from BMW Southbank along the fastest route ie along City Road/Alexandra Avenue towards City Link/Monash Freeway. The 'voices in my head' :D kept directing me everywhere BUT the Freeway and indeed, when I was on the Swan Street Bridge waiting to turn right onto Batman Avenue and the Freeway, I was being told to 'turn around when possible'! That is just stoopid. I have also tried using it in my car and it behaves the same way.

I will try it on a familiar country run next weekend and see how it compares to the usual Tomtom route with which I am more than satisfied. I should not preempt the outcome but right now I am not hopeful.

I have thought of contacting Garmin but they do not make it easy........

Mudcat 02-10-2013 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by duncanmac (Post 20690744)
The thing seems to actively avoid freeway riding..

If you want freeways, route by fastest time.
In my Zumo itís in the navigation folder.

If you donít like the route itís made for you, ignore it, and go the way you want to go. It should just give a new route.

The only avoidance I like checked is ďUĒ Turns. If it still gives me a ďUĒ turn, I know I can likely go that way. It may be longer, dirt roads, or itís looping me back onto my original route.

If I need to know what it is doing I just look at the Next Turn pages.

Run routes in areas you know and you will get a better understanding of how it routes.

rollinalong 02-11-2013 07:47 PM

I've had mine for about a year and every time it's been used it has shut itself off periodically. Seems to shut down more often in the bike cradle than the car cradle. I hadn't updated the software in a few weeks so I just updated a few days ago..hoping that helps.

duncanmac 02-14-2013 02:15 AM

Rollin, sounds like a hardware problem, with the pins in the cradle not making a firm contact with those on the GPS. Should be fairly easy to determine......

rollinalong 02-18-2013 09:07 PM

Three day trip through Death Valley. The 665 worked flawlessly the first two days, the third day it froze up a few times....but never shut itself off! Perhaps the software update fixed some bugs because it worked much better than it has in the past!

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