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chrish4ku 01-16-2013 11:44 PM

Turn her in or get her fixed? Cracked up 990 S
Well all that love the Adventure Bike and hate to see a pristine machine cracked up...

On Jauary 13th, a very "iffy" looking man on a rusty old bike decided to shoot across an intersection ignoring all traffic signals. The light was green for me and I was traveling about 36 MPH when he jaunted across. I hit the front brake, swerved to the right to avoid him but it was too late. He is going to be OK - He was in the wrong - He took a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. I hit him pretty much square then laid the bike down and slid about 20 feet on the pavement. I am OK. I only had bruised ribs and a sore shoulder thanks to all my gear. The 990 on the other hand isn't doing so well. Majority of the damage is from "impacting" him and his rust bucket.

The impact of the collision did some pretty good damage to both fairings, headlight head unit, and then the subsequent skidding ground down the crash bars pretty well.

I am glad I am OK and I am thankful to the 3 witnesses that stopped to help out and support my claim of innocence. I feel sorry for the guy - I am, but he was riding towards me on the wrong side of the street, and then took a right turn right in front of me ignoring the streetlight.

Progressive will be towing the bike form my place to their place for their assessment. I gathered all the usable farkles and off she will go. I have attached photos for those to see and comment if you think I'll get a "fix" or a "totaled out" response. Part of me wants it back, but not if there will be any long term issues. I don't think there was any frame or fork damage. Most damage was to the plastic fairings and the head unit which was pushed into the handlebars pretty hard. Bike won't light up at this point so who knows? Any advice or similar experience in dealing with insurance is appreciated. They will cover my Helmet, Jacket, Pants, Gloves, etc. up to $3K in extras.



Held Jacket

Shoei - My FAVORITE!!

Klim Gloves - Knuckle damage.


I WILL be continuing my quest on a KTM 990 Adventure - just not sure if this one is going to make it...!

It's a damn shame as this bike was everything I needed, wanted, and could handle. Of course, the incident happened 3 miles from my home......and I mean the guy didn't even look upstream. Can you say show me the toxicology report?? 11am on a Sunday Damn morning. ARGGGGHHH.

Ya ya ya - I know it ALLLLL can be replaced. But from a methodical point, people these days do NOT PAY attention to their surroundings. I did SEE THIS GUYS CELL PHONE on the pavement next to my bike and recall that he may have been using this ITEM whilst riding his rusty bike. My witness said he may have been on it as well. Really????????????

Ok, back to the KTM - It's made for the dirt so maybe I stay off the damn pavement altogether from now on.

Suggestions for a Bay Area repair shop may be helpful as well in the event I have to negotiate an estimate.:baldy

More to come.....

kamanya 01-17-2013 02:40 AM

They crash very well.

If the forks are straight and the frame fine, then keep it and just replace all you need to.

I bought a crashed bike from an owner who had the exact same bike hit a lamp post.

I sent the forks off to be checked and serviced. Replaced the radiator, front mud guard, brake lines, right faring, head light, screen, passenger right foot peg and mirrors.

Sold it to a friend. Still going strong 3 years later. Zero issues.


My buddy taking it home...

Rodknee 01-17-2013 03:46 AM

sorry to hear about the crash, glad you faired out well.

personally, i would rebuild the bike. it doesn't look bad at all. or buy her back from the insurance co, and sell it to another inmate cheap so they can rebuild it and give it a new lease on life. good luck sir.

DaMonk45 01-17-2013 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by b18c5rodney (Post 20506159)
sorry to hear about the crash, glad you faired out well.

personally, i would rebuild the bike. it doesn't look bad at all. or buy her back from the insurance co, and sell it to another inmate cheap so they can rebuild it and give it a new lease on life. good luck sir.

Fix it if the forks are ok

Ride it like ya stole it

wpbarlow 01-17-2013 06:39 AM

It all comes down to damage extent, your confidence in the assessment and quality of repair, time & money to fix, vs the cost of getting a similar bike.

None of which we can answer for you. All you'll get here is sympathy and encouragement :lol3

BigNastybrp 01-17-2013 07:01 AM

we can fix it chris just get the check:freaky

Roeligan 01-17-2013 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by DaMonk45 (Post 20506191)
Fix it if the forks are ok

Ride it like ya stole it


fixed mine too... complete change of the rear end (swingarm, subframe, ...) & crashbars, centerstand...
Got parts cheap from ebay.

JayRider83 01-17-2013 07:12 AM

I had about the same thing happen to me on the 4th of July 2012. A lady pulled infront of me and I nailed her. She was in a car though. I was worse off then the bike. Broke my right knee, (again) shattered my right collar bone, broke my right shoulder blade in half. Also some road rash and what not.. The bike looks like yours. Smashed the whole front cluster, right tank, both fairings, radiator. The forks and frame are ok though. It cost me about $3000 in parts to fix it. Also lots of thanks to Dudes on Adv rider. That's where I found some parts also. It did cross my mind not to fix it. But as you said. I love the bike. It's a 07 and I had it since new. 30000 miles. On it. I just couldn't part with it. I figured it would be a fun winter tearing it down and rebuilding it. Plan on starting in Febuary. It does help a little that I am Master Orange level certified, But the bikes are surprisingly easy to work on. So it's really just up to you. If you really like the bike and want to get to know it better then tear it down and rebuild it. If you don't really feel up to it there's nothing wrong with a new Adventure. Either way man, Glad to hear your still riding with us!

Xtremjeepn 01-17-2013 07:27 AM

Looks to me like an opportunity to upgrade :lol3

With a few minor parts it looks like most of the broken stuff is stuff that you might of wanted to upgrade anyway:lol3

Put a set of the large tanks on it, Rally Raid windscreen and some HDB hand guards/mirrors/signals and you will have an even nicer bike:deal

NKL 01-17-2013 07:34 AM

Fix it if possible, unless you replace it with a brand new bike your buying unknown problems.

Katoom119 01-17-2013 07:36 AM

Fix it.

I doubt you hit anything hard enough to bend the frame. If the forks travel smoothly through the stroke then the forks are straight.

New tank shrouds, a new dash bracket (that's probably what's bent; it bolts to the frame), front turn signals and you're probably going to be good to go.

crofrog 01-17-2013 07:43 AM

crash looks pretty minor, new nav tower and some plastics. Could probably do the work yourself and charge them labor and make some money on it.

MotoTex 01-17-2013 09:08 AM

Merely a flesh wound . . .

still ready to fight.

crazybrit 01-17-2013 09:42 AM

You won't know the insurance response until they get everything off and take a look. One cosmetic ding on the frame (head unit getting pushed back) and it'll be totalled, nothing you can do about it.

If it's deemed repairable, ask about diminished value assessment (as a vin check will show it's been in an accident). I'm not sure if it exists for bikes and also in many states it's not an option if it's being fixed on uninsured/underinsured basis (aka the dodgy guy on the other bike). If it is an option, you'll want to negotiate for it as it'll get you some cash as well as having the bike fixed.

If they are totalling it and you still want it, remember you can negotiate on the buyback price. Assume list price on parts and $60/hr for labor. Don't forget if you're buying parts, powersportswarehouse is 40% off list for KTM parts plus as said, good time to consider aftermarket replacements, Aqualine tanks, BRP triple clamp etc etc.

Good luck. Keep us informed (maybe here?) as to how it goes.

larryboy 01-17-2013 10:18 AM

Junk that clapper.

Can I have the remains?

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