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K75STER 01-20-2013 04:56 PM

Putting together a short notice first time trip to Vieques, off Puerto Rico.

Wondering if anyone has knowledge of any D/S type m/c rentals?

I've found the typical tourist scooter rentals but I'd like something a little bigger and D/S if possible.
If not I guess I'll be scooter trash for a day or so, being that I'll be the typical tourist.

Any info would be great!

Throttlemeister 01-21-2013 08:00 AM

Only thing I saw when I was there back in the early 2000 was scooters for hire. The island is not that big considering half of it was/is US military war games area, don't know if that changed or not since then, but scooter would work fine. That is a rather sore spot about the island as it has been said they have a rather high carcinogenic rate from all the bombing on the island's other half. I had a rental car and left it on the mainland and hitched when I got to the island.

One thing I would not miss if your going to the island is to check out the Bio Bay, one of the neatest swims I've ever had. Freaky cool to light up like that. Like underwater fireflys to the extreme.

K75STER 01-22-2013 05:18 AM

Thanks for the reply. Not good to hear about the high C rate.

Definately doing the Bio Bay, have been down to PR before & did the one Fajardo and it was awesome!, like Hollywood special effects. Have heard that the one on Vieques is even better, hard to believe!

I always try to find a m/c rental for a day or so where ever we go, but I guess I'll have to get my fix in by a scooter.

dobr24 01-22-2013 05:46 AM

Horses aplenty! Great island although I'm sure it has grown up considerably since my last visit. The bio bay is awesome, a must do. Didn't see much for motorcycles on the island. The live reef by the old military base on the north west side of the island is worth a trip too.

kantuckid 01-22-2013 08:22 AM

I/we went several yrs back-maybe was ~ 1996-7. Took the ferry out there with plans to snorkel the "living reef". It was a nice beach and pretty vacant on a weekday but the water available w/o having a boat was really not much as the coral was all broken up and simply wasn't a place I'd take the trouble to go back to. The reef I saw was dead. My o/p is to go somewhere else.

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