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DSM8 01-21-2013 12:16 PM

Carizzo Plains - Overnighter 2013
AJ (EatPasta) and I decided a quick overnight ride and camp was in order. There was already a large group going out for an annual Carizzo ride so we decided to follow along the same route in case we got to catch up and hang with some people we don't get to see that often. We left a few hours later than they did so were surprised we did not cross paths, found out later why but that is another story involving ice and a steep hill. Still waiting for that ride report.

We met up in Sunland and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out.

The route:

Bikes waiting to go while we have breakfast.

The plan was to take all the canyon routes up to Fraiser Park (Little T, Boque etc etc) we made the entire route there with NO freeways. It was great.
I didnt turn on my spot until Fraiser park so that is not shown on the map.

The roads were clean with just sand in the usual places.

Once we got to Fraiser we took the pavement across to get to Carizzo. That stretch was nice but there was a lot of ice in the shadows. It was worse in the other direction but make for many unnerving moments didnt really stop to get many pics.

We finally make it to Carizzo and are greeted by this:

So we set off, taking the more challenging route on the eastern side, later I learned the slow group took the western route which we took going back. That was a fast ride.

AJ tasting the cool-aid

Had to make him get off the bike otherwise he would have taken it all the way to pavement.

Just motoring along
more of the same kind of views

Aj cruising by

Finally making it out of Carizzo we continue on

When I see this group from the road above taking a break...the "Slow Group" which happen to be the first to get to Pozo LOL

We stop and chat for a while then continue on to the saloon.

About the time we finish lunch the slow team show up and start to get their food. Due to time we had to motor on. We ended up gassing up in Slo then setting down to camp at the KOA by the lake.


We get some firewood and decide not to head back to the saloon, we saw a lot of water on the road going back the other way and did not want to chance hitting ice on the return trip.

Get the fire going

the settle in for some relaxing

Only group shot of the day

I was glad for the fire but it got damn cold that night.

Next was a little icy...

The pics were blurry due to camera being too cold.

Despite that the camp was well equipped.


and Jump Pillows

Afterwards we broke camp but didnt leave until 1030, it was that cold etc.

Came back through Carizzo and Fraiser park then just slabbed it home.

Overall a great and quick weekend ride.

Y E T I 01-21-2013 12:24 PM

Looks like fun. I had more fun though. :fitz

eatpasta 01-21-2013 12:47 PM

MAN I look good on your bike.....what fun the 990 is. I may have to get one of those someday. Ive never ridden a bike thats MORE stable when you stand on the pegs.

a few of my pics have appeared already but a few need to be accounted for...

one of Dave's 197 fuel stops;

Dave on Carrizo

dirt near Pozo

obligatory 3/4 view from the front highlighting the expanse

Dave sampling El Panzer Pig

pure art


and the best pic of the trip....

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