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HappyHighwayman 01-23-2013 04:08 PM

Two up suspension adjutments
I weight about 172 without gear, and my g.f. probably weighs 120ish?

Do I need to adjust both pre-load and the shock's rebound? Can I get away with just pre-load? I've never ridden with a rider on the back and intend to take it slow and easy.

gteps 01-23-2013 06:37 PM

Suspension Adjustment
Hi HappyHighwayMan,

Try the link below, you might find this helps

BcDano 01-23-2013 07:39 PM

I believe I've read in the Haynes manual that if you add preload that you are to add rebound as well. I never have on my 800 and suspension has ridden just fine for a stock rear set up.

JRWooden 01-24-2013 05:44 AM


The chart that gteps links is for the F800GS, I'm not sure how it is programmed, but probably close enough to use for the F650GS twin also (if that's what you have)...

Just an opinion, but I would crank up the preload at least to at least 20 clicks maybe a bit more (range is 40 clicks total) as otherwise the back end will sit low and could adversely affect handling....

and if you mess around with the calculator it will tell you to increase the damping slightly as you increase the preload ...

GH41 01-24-2013 02:00 PM

I am at 170# and the wife 130#. I run at 35 clicks two up and the dampening screw in the middle with a light load in the top case. I run the air pressure a 33 front and 37 rear. With the side cases attached and loaded I max out the spring, adjust the dampening a little stiffer and run 35/40 in the tires. The bike feels soft in the rear at these settings. I don't ride interstates or long distance but if I did I would re spring my 2012 F650GS. GH

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