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Andy Strapz 03-04-2013 11:05 AM

Andy Strapz Thread
G'day Inmates.

Up to now I thought it best to respect the ADV community and keep my nose out. The vendors thread now allows me to be involved in an appropriate way.

So, here is my thread. I can offer advice, answer questions and let you know what's new at Strapz HQ. Many of the owners of my gear teach me a lot about ways it can be used that I hadn't thought of, I look forward to more.

The team is always looking for ways to improve what we do. Many users may not notice but we regularly make fine adjustments, a stitch or two here, a slightly different angle there. Anything wearing the Andy Strapz badge is still made in our Melbourne factory.

Here is the new Pannier Trunk, the bloody thing took almost three years (life keeps getting in the way of getting out for a serious ride) of design, trashing and redesign until I got it to sit just right. I wanted something to hold the light gear I need on a regular basis like my compressor, tyre gauge or wet weather pants. It was absolutely critical that it swing away and work independently of the bag.


nevgriff64 03-04-2013 04:20 PM

Hi Andy and welcome back to the Forum. :thumb

For any inmate uncertain about the Andy Strapz products. I can fully recommend them for both build quality and durability. Not one item has ever failed or let me down.

A great product. :clap:clap

philth 03-04-2013 06:14 PM

ill second that
top aussie made product

lentil 03-04-2013 06:52 PM

Hey Andy Linky no worky for pannier trunkz for me:

Here is the link:

FIXT :lol3:lol3

shortybush 03-05-2013 02:24 AM

Pannier trunks
Bought one from you you at wsbk just put my jetboil in and other stuff works great and is water resitent, we are still going around Tassie, great product. :clap

jmcg 03-07-2013 02:41 AM

Fantastic products!

Andy's service and attention to detail is excellent.

Highly recommended.


Andy Strapz 03-07-2013 03:40 AM

Cold Flame
Thanks a lot guys, it really does mean a lot.

Off to the Cold Flame rally this WE...Bring it on!

Did pannier frames for the new Husky Terra this week and really happy with the result. I'll post images when they are powder coated and ready to go.

blackness 03-07-2013 04:00 AM

Andy's straps do the job, want a ride ride where your luggage works?
Andy's straps and panniers haven't let me down yet.

They just work.

jmcg 03-08-2013 02:53 AM


Originally Posted by Andy Strapz (Post 20886501)

Did pannier frames for the new Husky Terra this week and really happy with the result. I'll post images when they are powder coated and ready to go.


I just bought a Terra.



jmcg 03-23-2013 07:13 PM

How're those Terra frames coming along, Andy?


Andy Strapz 03-24-2013 01:45 PM

Terra ..fied
I fitted the prototype just the other day. The first four sets are at the powder coater. I think one is looking for a home.

Andy Strapz 03-24-2013 01:46 PM

Can seem to get the photo thing sorted, try this

jmcg 03-24-2013 03:01 PM

Very nice!


I'll be in touch.


mytmav 03-26-2013 07:45 PM

even though we all know expedition panniers are a good bit of kit, i would also like to add that when you get road rash on them send them back to Andy and they come back as good as new, EXCELLENT after sales service, couldnt be happier, cheers Andy:clap

newbold 03-31-2013 02:43 AM

XT600Z pannier racks
In preparation for a long ride across Europe and Russia/Mongolia I decked out with stack of Andy's luggage and purchased a pannier frame 'kit' to make up some frames. Andy was full of advise and hints. His gear is as good as everyone says. Thanks Andy! pic is an early one, before the bike was finished. Its currently on its way to Athens. Shipped by Bikes Abroad out of Melbourne.

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