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Thunder Strike 03-08-2013 06:44 PM

2008 KTM 250XCF-W vs 2008 Yahmaha WR250R
I am kind of new to dirt biking. I have ridden the WR and liked it, but feel I would outgrow it pretty quick. (been riding a KLR650 on dirtbike trails so height and weight are not an issue for me).

Anyway - the 2 bikes in the title are the ones I am looking at except the year on the WR changes depending on what ad I look at. All these bikes are around $3k.

The KTM is boarded out to 300cc and from a dealership. (price = I know a guy)

We do woods, creeks, hills, everything.
What do y'all think?

I kind of have a thing for KTM and really want one eventually. Friends talked me out of a 450 for now.:1drink

sonoran 03-08-2013 07:57 PM

I had an '08 250XCF-W and found it challenging to ride in tight technical stuff as the motor really needs to rev to generate power. I ultimately had it bored to a 320cc. I suspect the owner of the bike you are looking at probably had the same issue.

The WR has a much wider and friendly powerband. The KTM has better suspension.

Both will do the job but the WR is easier to ride.

My .02 cents.

(Before this gets punted to thumpers. :lol3 )

nevgriff64 03-09-2013 04:34 AM

Bit slow tonight. :lol3

Off to Thumpers we go. :wave

Duken4evr 03-09-2013 04:49 AM

I have ridden both, prefer the WR. The KTM does have better suspension, but the motor is gutless compared to the WR, which acts like it has 50cc more displacement in comparison.

WR suspension is soft and mushy, but it easier to fix that than it is to fix the KTMs motor.

I heard the KTM does respond really well to a big bore though, and that the stock carb is a bit oversized. It all comes together a lot better with the bore kit. Sounds like your potential bike is all set up with that.

The little WR motor is absolutely indestructible, another plus. Get the KTM though. Your potential bike sounds good, and the orange mafia won't let you ride with them if you show up on blue. Don't ask how I know :lol3

Foot dragger 03-09-2013 06:30 AM

Your talking about the street legal WR250R Yamaha? I dont know if Id want a 300 lb 250 trailbike. I know guys love em to death but that's more then my 530KTM weighs. If your a learning trailrider there are better bikes then both of these.
The KTM is like a racebike,the WR is a bloated cheaply built econobox dualsport. Ive always ridden 2 strokes in tight woods,light and simple to work on. Honda quit building XR's so they dont have much to offer anymore,their 230 is a real heavy cheap bike but some guys ride em anyway.
Try a 200 or 250 2 stroke KTM and see what you think.
A used clean XR250 is a great learning trailbike.

Thunder Strike 03-14-2013 05:43 PM

put $1,000 down on a 2008 WR250R today. :clap
When I upgrade to a 450 in a couple years will get a KTM.

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