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greentreephrog 04-03-2013 04:56 AM

Monolever rear shock absorber
During transportation of 6 week duration it appears that my partly disassembled 1983 R80g/s was positioned such that the standard BMW rear shock absorber was upside down, resulting in the escape of some oil. Since I am in a place where I expect no mechanic or suspension specialist has ever dealt with one of these, I need to be able to rectify whatever difficulty has been caused by this occurrence.

Does anyone know of a source of information on the dis-assembly, rectification and re-assembly of these units? The unit was serviced not too long ago, so I am expecting the worst problem will be the loss of oil.

Any direction to information would be appreciated - I hope to avoid having to send the unit out of country to rectify the problem.

GTP :ear

DeutschMark 04-03-2013 06:17 AM

If it is leaking fluid the seals are shot. The factory shock has a limited lifespan. Order a new one.

Solo Lobo 04-03-2013 08:07 AM

I didn't think the OEM units were serviceable...

Beemerguru 04-03-2013 12:03 PM

OEM G/S shocks have a life of around 20K miles if you're lucky and don't ride off road. After that, you're riding on the springs.

There is a guy in Melbourne who rebuilds factory shocks but you're better off ordering an Ikon, Wilber, Ohlins, etc since they're all reabuildable and fully adjustable. Makes a major difference in the bike too.

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