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WallyWhirled 04-10-2013 08:08 PM

Biggest Reason to NOT Relocate Sidestand

It would be less hassle to fix a cracked the case than to get a correct title in California. Bastards. Am trying to get correct title in CA for a bike purchased out-of-state. No other state that I know of requires it but CADMV requires the engine number to be recorded along with the VIN.

Been to DMV 4 times. First time they recorded the casting number instead of the engine number. When I got the title I noticed the incorrect number.

I have documentation from the factory cross-referencing both the VIN and the Engine number. The relocated sidestand obscures the first 2 digits of the engine number. They are the year it was produced: 07.

Like it's really going to make a difference. Hello. Engines can be replaced.

They recorded the engine number incorrectly in the first place. A title was issued with the incorrect number so what difference does it make even if the number were recorded incorrectly again?

I should probably just not worry about it and let it be an issue for the next owner.

8 out of the 10 numbers can be seen. The two that can't are the model year. There's paperwork to correlate. But NO.

I get to return to the DMV, yet again. This time with NO kickstand.

I wish I could just ride in and let the bike fall on it's side in the handicapped parking space but those handicapped parking spaces are already taken by these mentally handicapped DMV employees who have no common sense.

Mr Head 04-10-2013 08:28 PM

I spent 7 moths registering my out of state, used GS Adventure. I had all the notorized paperwork completed in advance of my appointment. And still they kept requiring another form.

The best was registering my Audi fifteen years ago. They rejected it because it did not "say" "Audi" on the front of the car!:huh

We finally got past that.

My next bike I'll buy new from within the confines of the republic of kalifornia.

I believe the mouth-breathing CADMV exists in an attempt to counter the weather. It took the original owner and me about fifteen minutes to conclude our business at the local DMV in Kansas City Kansas. The ladies there were all curious about my riding home and we ended up spending a lot more time talking. The nice lady even gave me a paper plate and extended it to 90 days instead of thirty.

The CADMV is like getting a flu shot; there is a little pain but it usually doesn't last too long. Though in this case it looks like they gave you bird flu.

FakeName 04-10-2013 10:13 PM

Never thought I'd say this, but the CADMV has been great on my last two transactions- a car and a bike, both purchased out of state and brought in.

Yes, they are a high-volume place, and have been really crappy in the past, but the last two times were reasonable and fairly painless.

HeatXfer 04-10-2013 10:32 PM

I'll admit it's a crap shoot at the DMV, but getting mad about it is a waste of time.

I arrived 5min early for an appointment made the previous week. After standing in the "Appointment" line for about 20min the guy there said "you're early, come back to the window in 5min".

I turned around; the line had grown by about 8 - 10 people. I said if I got back and waited in line I'd then be late. He said no, it'll be OK, he'd remember me.

So back in line I go, only to see him leave the counter and go into a back room. By the time I get to the front of the line, I am in fact 5min late for my 2:30 appointment. The lady now behind the counter looks down her nose at me and says "You're late, next time get here early". She gave me my number, I said thank you, I enlightened her about the previous 10min (I wanted to waste some of her time) and then waited til my number was called.

It was frustrating, but I went in prepared for the worst; I had researched every form related to motorcycles, non-op certs, unreadable engine & frame #'s - the works. It wasn't the apocalypse. I got an '87 LC4 that hadn't been registered for 6years and had an "unauthorized" street plate through the system and on the street in 1 appointment. It wasn't cheap, but it got done.

Did I get lucky? Maybe, but I knew what was potentially around the corner and I came prepared. I was also very pleasant to the drone behind the counter.


WallyWhirled 04-10-2013 10:33 PM

In all fairness, from my experience the DMV is always the worst state entity to deal with regardless of the state.

Beta? Who makes that? Not on our list. You're SOL.

Best was a vehicle that I've owned (second owner) free and clear for 20+ years. Had to get a duplicate title because at some point in those 20 years I lost the original. DMV required notarized proof that the finance company no longer had a claim to the vehicle. A finance company that no longer exists in a state 1,800 miles away. That only took a bit over 6 months.

WallyWhirled 04-10-2013 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by HeatXfer (Post 21159019)

I arrived 5min early for an appointment made the previous week.

An appointment made the previous week! Lucky boy.

Here the next available appointment is 3 1/2 MONTHs from now. For a freaking number verification that, including round-trip transit time from desk to/from parking lot, requires less than 2 minutes.

geometrician 04-11-2013 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by WallyWhirled (Post 21158374)
The relocated sidestand obscures the first 2 digits of the engine number

One more reason to use the PABiker sidestand relocation mount! (now sold by CJRacer at CJDesigns, LLC)

traveltoad 04-11-2013 06:42 AM

When I bought out an auto lease (originated in CA) it was a nightmare. You would think I was the only person in te state who had ever purchased their vehicle at the end on the lease. Multiple trips to DMV and lots of money. And then yes, when it became time for the registration renewal a year later, things were messed up and I could not renew. I ended up going to AAA (they have CADMV services) and not only did they fix the registration once and for all, they managed to get me a refund on the "overpaid" fees from the year before.:clap

AdvRonski 04-11-2013 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by WallyWhirled (Post 21158374)

Am trying to get correct title in CA for a bike purchased out-of-state. No other state that I know of requires it but CADMV requires the engine number to be recorded along with the VIN.

Here in MN you need the engine # as well. Typically, no inspection is required.
Except for special circumstances, such as when I replaced my 2004 525 EXC frame for the better-handling 2005 frame. I still haven't had it inspected yet, so I don't have the new title, but I was still able to get this year's license tab.
The best way to have a hassle-free visit with the DMV around here is to drive to an office well out of the metro area.

Mr Head 04-11-2013 08:55 AM

Back in the middle 70's I moved to California the first time, (I've done this twice now, and I keep saying when I leave I won't return.:lol3). I brought two motorcycles and a car.
The VW and the BMW were simple. The Norton not so much.
Norton as they were twisting and turning at the end of the rope never matched engine numbers to frame numbers.
CADMV had me make rubbings of the numbers and the CHP compared them and noted they didn't match each other. But, they matched the clear Colorado title I had in hand. That got me through that mess.
Now, the funny part to all this was when I bought that bike new in Colorado, European spec bike so it wasn't like other US models but there might be one person at one DMV someplace in the US that might notice that. The differences were quieter end cans and airbox, and a 7.2 gallon steel tank in place of the leak-prone fiberglass.:wink:

Colorado CHP wanted to drill my frame and attach their own serial numbers. I told them if they put a drill to the frame they were buying me a motorcycle. We got a supervisor and that was the end of that discussion.

In the case of my 2004 BMW Adventure I showed up with all the specified paperwork in order, notarized and signed by everybody required for an out of state sale.
It was as if I was trying to import an alien life form or asking to carry U235 around as a counterweight while farting radon gas.
They wanted to see on the emission sticker where it said the bike was specifically a California bike. the bike was completely stock CAT, evap charcoal canister all intact, and visible. They never looked at those, probably couldn't have identified either anyway.
They extended my temporary plate twice telling me the last time that they couldn't extend it again. At my new appointment I asked why I couldn't get another extension. I had provided all paperwork in accordance with their demands and nothing was in any way out of order. Finally after they looked back through my paperwork for about the 6th time having requested a form I'd submitted at my initial appointment and they had taken, (I had copies), I got a real plate and registration.
When I moved in the late 90's the last time to California I registered my BMW built from two wrecks with a salvage title from Colorado at the Auto Club office. Took about 5 minutes, and I did the mini-van at the same time.
All of which really makes me think vehicle registration should just be national as well as driving licenses. That would cock it up nicely I'm sure.:poser

Favorite questions and statements from my decades experience with the CADMV:
1. Are you a cop?:clap After completing the riding test, both back in the 70's and this last time in 1997.
2. This is a dirtbike, you need a green sticker, (referring to the 2004 BMW 1150 GS Adventure, (Tourances on it at the time).:huh

WallyWhirled 04-11-2013 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by geometrician (Post 21160323)
One more reason to use the PABiker sidestand relocation mount! (now sold by CJRacer at CJDesigns, LLC)


I just have to grow a pair and deal with what came on the bike.

Still hate the DMV.

WallyWhirled 04-11-2013 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by traveltoad (Post 21160482)
I ended up going to AAA (they have CADMV services) :clap

Don't even get me started on AAA. Generally I'm a big fan and am an AAA member mostly because I don't have to deal with DMV.

But, not this time. Even got an AAA supervisor involved. They insisted they must see the entire number. If they can't see the number without putting a knee on the ground they won't even look. It's against their rules/policy.

AAA also was insisting I needed a Green sticker and they can't do that. Granted it is a SUPER Enduro but last time I checked street-legal bikes don't need Green stickers.

CHP can do the verification also. So far they appear to be the most willing to assist. The VIN verification officer told me the appointments are all booked for months in advance but show up and he'd try to work me in.

Right now it's looking like the best option is to remove the side stand and return to DMV Purgatory because they are about 25 miles closer than CHP.

ciedema 04-11-2013 09:52 AM

mmm AZ DMV were happy to wait while I removed the bracket and shrouds to view the engine and VIN numbers. They only needed to do this as it was a Canadian import otherwise they would have done it from the title.

wpbarlow 04-11-2013 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Mr Head (Post 21158506)
My next bike I'll buy new from within the confines of the republic of kalifornia....

So from their pov the system works :lol3

scottrnelson 04-11-2013 10:20 AM

I realize this is a thread intended to slam the CA DMV, but in the 25 years I've lived in California I haven't had a single bad experience at the DMV. In fact, the first time I went to the Pleasanton DMV, I asked if they had one of those "how am I doing" forms so that I could praise the DMV worker who was both friendly and efficient. A significant change from the DMV in the state I had recently left. Apparently it was fairly rare for someone to say something good about the DMV, though.

I never bothered making appointments because they were always at least two weeks out. I've shown up a few times near noon and had to wait 30-45 minutes, but usually I showed up right when they opened and was out of there in 20 minutes. People get there early and wait outside the door, but once the door opens they sort everybody out into groups depending on whether they are there for a driver license issue or registration, and the registration line is usually short enough early in the day.

I think the only thing I've found to be a bit annoying is the time it takes to pick up a vanity plate. You ought to be able to walk in with the old plate, have them print the new registration, give you the special plate, and be out of there in two minutes, but you still have to wait in the same line as everyone else, so it takes 20 minutes (or more). And I'm not waiting two weeks for an appointment for my special plate - I want it now!

I haven't tried out the Folsom DMV yet.

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