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rmhrc628 04-21-2013 12:50 AM

Vic high country adv ride
Pics coming

rmhrc628 04-21-2013 01:05 AM

Vic high country adv ride
Ride was awesome.
Point by point thus far:

River crossing at Mitchell's flat.


Dog home

Jdeks 04-21-2013 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by rmhrc628 (Post 21234117)

I think I owe everyone a beer for helping me out of that one!

I'll add my picture (singluar) later - after all, I did blind everyone in the room taking it :evil

rmhrc628 04-21-2013 03:58 AM

Vic high country adv ride
Crossing Mitchell river

Into the darkness - the efforts to get each bike up were nothing less than awesome. We were all tired and hungry. Everyone helped each other.

Tomack 04-21-2013 05:36 AM

Theres some nice shots in there Rob:thumb
Heres the rest of my pics

NotAllWhoWanderRLost 04-21-2013 06:09 AM

Looks like fun so far.... well except for the carnage on the F650. :eek1I hope he was OK.
Thanks for sharing the photos! :beer

RoostMaster 04-21-2013 09:38 PM

:smile6:smile6:smile6:smile6:D jealous.

speed_racer 04-21-2013 11:07 PM


Originally Posted by NotAllWhoWanderRLost (Post 21234846)
Looks like fun so far.... well except for the carnage on the F650. :eek1I hope he was OK.
Thanks for sharing the photos! :beer

Sure was fun!! Yeah cheers mate. abit of a stiff neck (like taking viagra without water hehe)

I have more pain in the legs n arms from riding the rocky terrain.. ;)

speed_racer 04-22-2013 04:37 AM

Mud Maps Track Log
Hey guys,

for some reason mudmaps didnt get the first day of riding but it got the second..

rmhrc628 04-22-2013 05:32 AM

Off to help the riders looking east toward mt howitt.

Lights in the distance.

Rowan crossing howqua river Sunday morning.

Tomack 04-22-2013 06:00 AM

Doh, Iv been looking for this thred

Nobby1 04-23-2013 03:49 AM

I have been meaning to come on here and post, now the aches and pains have faded!

What a great weekend. Perfect mix of challenging terrain, endurance, scenery, camping and good company. Had a blast attempting to jump a fully loaded DR with stock suspension through those tracks! Not so sure about the night riding until I get some of those big lights..

I have no photos to contribute but would like to say a big thanks to Tomack and rmhrc628 for leading the way and I have to take my hat off to Jdeks and speed racer for toughing it out all the way to the end - respect!

Until next time.

actionmaster007 04-23-2013 04:33 AM

Great riding group.
I will have to join you guys next time for the night ride. Awesome group with similar riding abilities which always makes it more fun. I was there with captain (his mate)

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