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hzoltaan 04-22-2013 07:27 AM

Jaw 350 638 fix her up
I have this bike since a short while and modified it a bit here and there.
there are hughe differences to the original '89 638 modell... :wink:

I've got a few questions what more experienced people here could answer...

The original tire size is 3.25 18 and 3.50 18, front / rear. I have changed the rear to 130 15 and the front to 4.10 18 (for sidecar setup the wide front seemed a good idea. Now that I dropped the sidecar from it and had the feeling that the bike is "heavy" and unwilling to get into turns I changed the front again this time to 3.25 16 dunlop K550...
Can I expect that the bike will be more agile?

A question on brakes. As you can see this one has duplex drum on the front. How can I make it better and better? I must say, I clean it regularly, and worked on the shoes with a file, also keep the cable, the handle and other moving parts oiled, but there is allways a way to improve. I'm satisfied with the brake, comparing to what it was before, but who knows...? :)

Here's a picture of it:

more on

Tarka 04-22-2013 09:29 AM

Yes,the bike will be lighter and quicker to steer with the narrower front will be more ''agile''.

Regarding the brakes...are the shoes adjustable individually like on my Urals?
If so,chalk the shoes and apply the brakes to a rotating wheel then look for full and even chalk removal....or adjust and repeat until so.
If they`re not adjustable,maybe you can shim the feet of the shoes to compensate.
Or maybe you just need new shoes.
Also use a good brake cleaner solvant to degrease the drum.

A heavy duty brake cable may also did on my 650 Ural.

hzoltaan 04-29-2013 12:35 AM

Yes, it seems easier now. I put on the new tyre last week.

The brakes. Fortunately I managed to fish a brutal cable for it. (wider handlebars, so the original went to the shelf) I also heard of this chalking method... with A file I can shape it can't I? Damn, It's gonna be tedious work, wheel out, chalking, wheel in, spin, break, wheel out, check, file, chalk, wheel in... :P

Badboygene 10-09-2013 10:58 PM

I had a Jawa just like the one pictured, and I had the same brake problem. My fix for the front was to change to a single leading shoe front brake! This helped but I never had "good" front brakes. I still joke that I had "anti locking brakes"! Good luck.

Mr. Carts 10-13-2013 04:26 PM

I like the nose on the side car. Looks like it is off a Studebaker.

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