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mhpr262 06-28-2013 09:21 AM

A day in the life of a Melbourne motorcycle paramedic
Gizmag is featuring an interesting article about the concept of paramedics on motorcycles being tried out in Melbourne right now.

cliffy109 06-28-2013 10:19 AM

Now that is a cool idea.

GordoS 06-28-2013 02:06 PM

Surprised they kept the side opening panniers
Stuff just wants to fall out, especially when you are on the side stand. And if they are the BMW ones, it will only take a couple of falls to put them out of commission. DAMHIK.

I believe they are also doing motorcycle medics in Israel.

WoodButcher 06-28-2013 03:16 PM

Had them here in Austin for a few years. Here's the first article I found on it.

ghostryder 07-02-2013 03:41 PM

Thanks for the link.

AdvParamedic 07-02-2013 11:17 PM

honestly.. if i wasnt so vertically challenged i would be doing this job. I live in NSW Australia and we have these in the city. I absolutely love the idea of it as i usually ride on adventures as the medic on an F8. I work for NSW Ambulance with a 3 year degree behined me as a Paramedic. This is my ultamate job.


redneckdan 07-03-2013 07:17 AM

I am a first responder for the township. I keep a bit of kit on the six-fiddy. Makes it a lot easier getting though a gawkers block or to an accident in the local off road park. Can't carry as much but when you're going quick and light it makes a perfect match.

Ceri JC 07-03-2013 08:49 AM

I was involved in Blood Bikes for a while. A volunteer organisation delivering blood/organs/xrays between hospitals for "out of hours" service, to reduce the hospitals' costs of hiring couriers.

Motorcycle medics make a lot of sense in congested streets. I remember reading about how two were amongst the first on the scene to the London tube bombings.

One Fat Roach 07-03-2013 07:09 PM

So. Freaking. Cool.


mtnbikeboy 07-04-2013 07:34 AM

Pretty cool. I find it interesting that he has a full range of drugs including antibiotics (which I don't believe US medics carry), but I didn't see any intubation equipment. Was it not shown, or do Aussie medics only carry oral airways?

tallpaul63 07-05-2013 03:04 PM

Perhaps new in Melbourne but...
I passed through Sydney about twenty years ago, and spent a little time talking with some moto based medics at that time. I'm a medic, so I had some serious professional curiosity, and they were kind enough to invite me to the station to talk a bit, and to show me their kit.

What a cool job!

Theoretically, they were able to get to a patient much faster than a conventional ambulance, splitting lanes and using one way streets etc. Transport rig came separately.

1) wear cool leather costume

2) get paid to ride a motorcycle

3) get to help people

4) work solo, like a boss

Thanantos 07-06-2013 03:28 AM

As a paramedic. Hell yeah!

Probably not gonna happen in the U.S. though. Sadly :(

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