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cberry 07-03-2013 01:00 PM

Melbourne, FL to Yellowknife, NT
Is it an “Adventure” when riding mostly hard surfaced roads on a 10,000 mile trip? Yes........if you’re 75 years old and riding solo. That’s just my humble opinion.

The planned route is departing from Florida’s Space Coast on July 4th and traveling west to southern AZ to ride the Coronado Trail from Clifton northbound. I rode it southbound last will be even better going north and uphill. On the way I can’t pass up the road rated #1 by “Motorcycle Roads. com”, the “Twisted Sisters Ranch Roads” in West Texas Any inmate feedback on this choice?:ear

Traveling north through Four Corners I’ll meander along the Rockies until heading west towards Vernal, UT, and then northwest to the BMW Rally in Salem, OR. Then it’s the Washington State BMW Rally the next weekend in Republic, WA. I have a couple of weeks to kill before the BeeCee Beemers’ Rally in Nakusp, BC, and that’s when I plan to shoot up to Yellowknife. Northwest Territory will be the ‘crown jewel’ of my little states and provinces maps. By coloring it in, I will have completed my motorcycle tour of all the continental US states and Canadian provinces (except Nunavut, which to my understanding, does not have any roads leading up to it).

Leading up to this trip I completed the Iron Butt Association’s National Parks Tour Master Traveler GOLD Award (parks in all the states including Alaska) and then did a circumnavigation of the United States by traveling up to Newfoundland, across Canada to Victoria, BC, then down the coast to San Diego, across the southern border and Gulf Coast to Key West, and back home. This thread documents that trip

For this upcoming trip the following sites will be useful: this current thread will include the daily (when feasible) Ride Report and pictures; my real time position reports every ten minutes will be available once I start my trip through my SPOT messenger beacon for a limited time at and my more permanent track log is available indefinitely at
This link did not get activated until I was stopped after the first day's ride.

Rutabaga 07-03-2013 01:10 PM

+1 on the yes.

Goatrider_ 07-03-2013 01:24 PM

My son and I will be heading along some of the same roads the same weekend you are leaving. Maybe our paths will cross! If not, have a great trip!:D

Paulie 07-03-2013 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by cberry (Post 21783927)
... On the way I can’t pass up the road rated #1 by “Motorcycle Roads. com”, the “Twisted Sisters Ranch Roads” in West Texas Any inmate feedback on this choice?:ear

The twisted sisters are alright, worth riding if yer in the hood. But giving em #1 is a freekin joke. NFW. I'd put em in the top 25.

cberry 07-03-2013 06:19 PM

From its description, I tend to agree with you Paulie. There are many others on their top 100 that I have ridden and would put them ahead of the Sisters, including the Coronado Trail.

Tonight it's looking like the weather will severely impact my route and timing. Still planning to depart in the early AM tomorrow. Life is what you get when you plan everything out to the last minute.:rofl

cberry 07-04-2013 04:41 PM

Today's Ride; 7/4/13
Trips across the flatlands are never very interesting in and of themselves, but today’s departure from Florida was made somewhat more so thanks to the day’s weather. A sub-tropical Low has been developing in the Gulf which has pumped huge amounts of moisture across the Pan Handle and further north into Georgia. Leaving home this morning I watched the rain build on the radar as the day progressed. I had already changed the route to maximize distance covered in hopes of getting through the rain before serious thunderstorms and possible tornadoes developed as had been forecast. The radar returns were mixed yellow and red over a wide area through which I had to travel so I decided to stop before the rain and call it a day. When I can figure out how to post pictures from my new MAC I’ll show the radar image.

This is what I was going to have to ride through:

Another image I want to post is one taken from the ICW overpass from the barrier island to the mainland. It was taken around sunrise and is my opening shot on this ride.

The weather caused me to cancel my planned photos of lighthouses along the Pan Handle which I was going to add to the BMW MOA forum 2013 Florida lighthouse picture contest, but they will have to await another day.

Not riding this afternoon, I was able to get the Spotwalla link activated so all who care to can follow along. Sorry, but there is not much that’s photographic along Interstate 10, but that will change after I leave the San Antonio area. The day’s ride came in at about 300 miles at 40 mpg, and included a major brain fart when I got on I 10 headed the wrong way! That cost me 30 miles and 30 minutes. There were about 10 FHPs doing speed enforcement along I 75 this morning coming up from Orlando to I 10. I was lucky.

capnfranko123 07-05-2013 07:57 AM

Hey Chuck
It's Frank that helped you get your RT off the road at the I95 exit when your final drive blew out. Which bike are you riding? Your bringing your Mac with you? Have you had any trouble with taking a laptop on road trips with the bike? I looking at a new laptop and was thinging I would have to get a Toughbook. Sounds like a hell of a trip, I'm so envious.

TurboBonefish 07-05-2013 08:12 AM

I'm in
Well from someone who lives in the same neighborhood I very interested.

lakota 07-05-2013 09:32 AM

I'll be following along

cberry 07-05-2013 04:33 PM

Old Friends
Nice to hear from both Frank and Marty. Frank, if you are comfortable with the windows OS, I would suggest you take a look at the new 13" Sony Vaio. It's smaller, lighter, and cheaper than my new MacBook Air ( which is really last year's model). Learning a new OS is a super pain. I have an older vaio and really like it. It has a mechanical hard drive, but the new ones have a solid state one, just like my Macbook. If I had only known...

Marty, one of these days! Sorry we missed each other the other year.

Happy Birthday to me! Seventy-five years young. Celebrating by myself in a motel room after another abbreviated ride today.:wings

I woke without benefit of an alarm at 5AM EDT to a dry morning and a beautiful sunrise (over the motel parking lot)! Pictures as soon as I can figure out my MAC.
Underway 6AM. The GPSmap378 is showing significant weather along my route, but west of my current position. I’ll be heading into it as the day progresses. At about 7:30AM the scattered green rain was starting to close in on me so I stopped at a nearby motel to suit up for rain. Crossing into the central time zone in western Florida I reflected on the fat that my wake-up had occurred at 4AM CDT!

Now I’m riding in mostly green and yellow rain with occasionally some light red. This is all flowing up from the south and as I look ahead I can see much more red. I’m low on gas so I stop for food & gas. A sightseeing bus has a close encounter with my bike in the parking lot before stopping to disgorge a full load of passengers as I hurry into the fast food place for coffee and a sack, just beating the crowd.

With only forty-some miles out of the tank I see frequent cloud to ground lightning up ahead and review my options. There’s a lonely exit coming up with only minimal services, and beyond it, the Interstate continues with no obvious close exits. So I bail out, not wanting to be forced to continue into some dark red rain (and lightning). As I exit I see a sign for NAS Whiting Field, 12 miles. It’s north of the track, but in the direction of less severe weather. I’ll play my ‘retired navy” card and see about a room. I waited under cover for an hour or so to see if the weather will improve, but it doesn't. This is it.

Heavy rain all afternoon. Flood warnings, etc. No sign of a let-up. Spent the day drying the gear without too much success.

Still working on the fix for my link to Spotwalla. Fixed it at 6PM CDT!:1drink

This thread is worthless without pictures! FIXED 7/8/13

cberry 07-06-2013 07:13 PM

An Interesting Day
Up at 4AM CDT. Underway shortly after 6AM. It's a relatively cool, foggy morning and the radar is showing very little activity. Yesterday’s rain is history. I’m glad I wore my rubber pants then, but not today. I did don my rain liner for the jacket, both for warmth and protection from the moisture. It’s going to be a long day, and the further west I get the sooner I get out of this rain system that has been blocking my way since leaving home. The weather will get more active as the day goes on. This is an example of the standing water after all the rain yesterday.

It is turning into an interesting ride. As I watch the rain increase I try to time my arrival at the most benign areas and duck for cover before the heavy cells. This is very similar to navigating an airplane through active weather, only harder: when I’m on an interstate, I’m on a fixed path, no course changes until the next exit. I can only vary my speed. I made a bad decision east of Mobile to pass up the last exit before the tunnel. If I had stopped there i would have avoided heavy, dark red (level 4) rain for the long overwater highway where there are no stopping points. As it was, the tunnel was my only relief until well past downtown Mobile. My speed is being adjusted according to the following priorities: space between me and the other traffic; the radar picture, and the general movement of the storm cells; the lighter ares of rain (green or yellow); and, lastly, the suggested speed limit.

This is what I see with my eyes at this radar stop, low ceiling, poor visibility, and fog.

I’ve had 2 extended stops at gas stations so far, taking up space at a pump while the heavier rain moved on. This seems to be working well. A couple of other attention getters are showing up now. One’s the standing water and ponding on the road surface, and the other is the road construction...uneven surfaces, or, edge traps. It’s all good: keeping my attention on the job at hand. I’m more comfortable today without my rubber pants (really Goretex), even though I’m getting a little wet. Yesterday I still got wet, and I was much more uncomfortable.

I make another gas stop for weather, and I see that it is beginning to clear up. I leave the radar ON during these stops so I can analyze the movement. Now I’m coming to better weather and the weather behind me has changed its direction. It has been drifting NE for the last 3 days, and now, near Lafayette, LA , its moving westward, chasing me! If I can stay ahead of the weather I won’t need another fuel stop before my destination for the night, Beaumont, TX.

Before leaving Louisiana I stop to have a roadside chat with a Deputy Sheriff. Actually, he stopped me, and we talked mostly about motorcycles. I showed him on the radar what was motivating me to be so hasty, and we chatted a few more minutes before he sent me on my way, unmolested!

The GPS moving time was only 6.6 hours with an average speed of 70.4 MPH, but there was 3 or 4 hours of weather delays. Still, a decent day’s run of 466 miles.

HPTuner 07-06-2013 08:29 PM

'Scribed! Happy B-day, I sure hope I'm riding at 75! Hope you have a safe trip. :thumb

cberry 07-08-2013 12:41 PM

July 7th, 2013
After overnight in Beaumont, TX and 3 days of rain enroute to this point, I was looking forward to a day of riding without rain figuring into the equation. Underway before 6AM and heading for Bulverde, TX to visit a friend who owns the airport there. Out of the box I made my first mistake and went the wrong way, again! That cost me 10 miles and about 15 minutes this time.

What started as a weather free trip was now turning into another day of dodging the rain. At least today it is less severe and more scattered than yesterday. I have about 300 miles to my destination and i’m going through very light showers, not requiring any rain gear. I’m stopping at the halfway point and calling my friend with an ETA. I bypass downtown San Antonio by taking secondary roads north of the city and arrive at Roxanne’s house a little behind schedule because I made a second stop to rehydrate and cool off a little. Otherwise, an uneventful ride.

Inspecting the bike in anticipation of a pre-planned tire change at Alamo BMW tomorrow, I am pleasantly surprised to find that the tire does not require changing,, and that all the bike’s systems are functioning normally. The planned service is deferred.

Tomorrow will be a day off, to visit with Rox and friends at the airport. The ride will continue on Tuesday morning, with a planned scenic ride through some of the Texas Hill Country to my next overnight destination. By then I hope to have figured how to post pictures from my MAC. No post tomorrow.

cberry 07-12-2013 07:35 PM

Check In
Just a note. Time does not permit me to write a RR, post pictures, and get adequate rest each night. Spot or spotwalla tracking will show my progress, and I hope to be able to fill in the narrative soon. Until then it's........

Ride, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat

squonker 07-12-2013 10:30 PM

I'll be following this one....

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