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Prmurat 07-05-2013 07:58 AM

I created a monster?!
Yesterday my wife and I took the Ural for a little ride and in the evening while talking how nice it has been she mentioned that we should, while keeping the Ural for dirt/adventure, get another sidecar for one of the many bikes we do not use in the garage (i had a nasty accident a few years ago and my right arm is screwed). I proposed the 2 bikes I will never/ever sell: 94 Vmax and 89 HD Softail custom.,. Vmax was flatly refused as being too powerful (???) so the choice is the HD... She proposed to sell a couple of bikes to finance this and the selling choice are 70 SL350, 72 XS2 and (I am fighting hard to keep it) 73 Laverda SF2...
On one level I am happy to see my wife making decisions on bikes etc. On the other side: I am not sure I can cope with it!

Looking at different manufacturers now (DMC, Liberty, Champion (in this order)... Just one ? for now: Can I keep my 21" in the front of the HD??

Tork 07-05-2013 08:02 AM

Have always admired the Liberty tub on HD , whenever someone at work
Talks about going the trike route with their Hd I try to steer them to Liberty :lol3

JimX 07-05-2013 09:59 AM

This is in Novato, has been in local CL several months.

Liberty on a Sportster....

No affiliation.

Tork 07-05-2013 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by JimX (Post 21797020)
This is in Novato, has been in local CL several months.

Liberty on a Sportster....

No affiliation.

Liberty Sport , have never seen that model tub . Looks good on the sporty .

LexLeroy 07-05-2013 05:13 PM

Check to see if a reverse gear set-up is available for your HD. If it is that might be the ticket, particularly if you've got a busted wing.

Prmurat 07-06-2013 08:13 AM

So... Is a 21" front wheel ok or not?

LexLeroy 07-07-2013 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by Prmurat (Post 21802652)
So... Is a 21" front wheel ok or not?

My feeling is that a 21" front tire doesn't give you much of a contact patch. If it was me I'd look for an 18" rim so that I could run a 4.00 x 18 Avon SM or a Metzeler 4.00 x 18 Block K, as well as drop the front end in order to reduce the rig's trail (and steering effort). An Avon SM in 5.00 x 16 on a 16" spoked HD wheel might even be better for the contact patch and the "vintage" look, as well as being easier to find. I haven't owned a rig in almost 15 years so maybe there are better options out there that still take advantage of Harley's parts interchangeability. Your bike should look really sweet with any of the chairs that you've mentioned.

jaydmc 07-08-2013 10:28 AM

I agree on the front wheel, 21 will work but not as well as most any other size. Going to a smaller wheel also some what helps lower the overall trail making for lighter steering. Triple tree's are no problem for this bike. Reverse can be added to the bike but you need pipes going down both sides of the bike as if they are both on the left side the pipe for the rear head is in the way of the gear shift lever. Not sure if Liberty or Champion has mounts for your bike, we can provide them for the Champion however if you buy the Champion direct from Champion and live in California you will have to pay sales tax, if you buy one of our sidecar and we ship it out of state, no sales tax.
Last I heard Liberty's lead time is around a year, Champion is at 6 weeks, we are at 10 weeks.
Let me know if you have any specific questions.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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