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frito206 07-11-2013 07:47 AM

Thinking of Buying
well its been since 05 ,since I had a 1200gs. Needing to hear about some stuff,Ive looked at sevral 09 gsa with 10-15k miles priced right I thought,Is there any thing paticular to stay away from or options which are a must? Just hard to justify buying new,when doesnt looked like much as changed form 09 to new ones?

Gillus 07-11-2013 08:20 AM

Camhead engine in '10 was a big improvement in torque.
They did away with the fuel strip problems in '11 or halfway thru '10.
'09s may or may not have the Enduro Transmission, lower first gear. This may be a GSA only trans as well.
Buy one and ride it if it fits your budget.

frito206 07-11-2013 02:51 PM

so is the engine from 10 up, a big improvement? is it better to spend-13-16 on 09 or so or spend more on a newer one,just trying to decide,im ready to pull the trigger and get something

Mike M 07-11-2013 02:58 PM

Frito, I had a 2009 GSA and agree there are some attractive deals out there. However, I might consider a 2010 or 11 if the price is not much different---if for no other reason than warranty still in effect.

frito206 07-11-2013 07:02 PM

Thanks , for the input guys

WADE-O 07-11-2013 07:09 PM

I owned an 08 GS with 22,000 miles on it and went in for an oil change and before i knew it i had a 2012 GSA that someone had traded in. I didn't really need it but it was basically brand new and the warranty is really what got me and i have to say that the new engine is fantastic. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome the new engine is. I mean the old engine is awesome but the new one is fantastic.

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