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sintax 08-22-2013 05:56 PM

2 keyboard commandos attempt to tackle the TAT
Well I think its getting close enough that I can throw this up here and start to lay out some ground work for our proposed trip.

We should start off with some background... My buddy Jim and I (Scott) were sitting around one night last Sept drinking a few beers and the topic of the TAT came up. It was a bit far fetched at first, but after a few weeks of logistics and fact checking, it quickly started to shape up into more of a possibility.

The goal of the whole trip is to use the TAT as a rough guideline for our trip. We may deviate a bit here and there as we find odd and strange things that peak our interest along the way. We are planning on doing a 75% camp, and 25% hotel configuration for sleeping if possible.

We are both IT geeks by trade, so of course all planning started in a whole mess of spreadsheets and strange links to oddball ride reports from days past.

Since we are both located in Southern California a ship/fly and ride was a only real option. We got in touch with a stellar gent named Francois who happened to run a shop called Dual Sport Touring ( He's proven to go above and beyond to be helpful and help make our dreams a reality. He graciously offered to receive our bikes from the shipping company, and hang onto them for us until we flew in.

Some personal background on me. I'm a 32 yrs old and have been on a motorcycle for most of my life. I grew up at a young age riding in the deserts of CA, started riding street bikes for a bit around 16-17. Being "old" and "responsible" these days has put a bit of a damper on my riding, but I still try to get out as much as possible.

I'll be riding a 2002 Honda XR650r with all of your standard bells and whistles. Acerbis 6.6G tank, worked over suspension, 8" race light for attracting bugs.

Here she is...

sintax 08-22-2013 05:57 PM

2 keyboard commandos attempt to tackle the TAT
Tracking methods.

I will have my spot setup and you should be able to follow us on one of the two following sites.

sintax 08-22-2013 05:58 PM


sharpie1 08-23-2013 06:46 AM

I just got back from doing the western half last week, you'll have a blast. Camp when you can, save the motels for when it's raining and you're wet.

vintagespeed 08-23-2013 09:33 AM

dang, where's the rest? what a tease! :ear i'll try to fill in some blanks..

Hi, i'm the second participant on this trip, we've got the planning done, got the bikes in order, we did our research, we tried on crotch-cooling undies and bought our bug spray. LETS GO! :freaky

here's what i'll be piloting:

2006 Suzuki DR650
mileage: ~30k
mods: SeatConcepts, KX500 forks, DRZ400 rear shock, Acerbis 5g tank, 18" rear wheel, skidplate, DirtBags, PTT coms, DoubleTake mirrors, PT woods low bars & risers, 320mm rotor, GSXR pipe, lowered pegs.

DR650 with a shit-ton of mileage, lovingly referred to as "You Miserable Bitch!" because well, she can be a little temperamental at times...and she likes to throw her weight around.

we built our box and test fit the bike (note the ATGATT)

....errrr, i mean the bikeS fit just fine:

we both invested in some gear for the ride, hopefully it works. i mean come on, all we have to be prepared for is heat, cold, rain and tornados; how hard can it be.... right?

Moose jacket, Klim Mojave pants, Tech8s, impenetrable underwear, cooling socks, mandals and sweat proof t-shirts.

we are both also sporting the Leatt 3DF soft body armor. (which i think makes me look like Tony Stark....)

"it puts it's shit in the box!"

box took 6 days to reach Knoxville and a few attempts to get it off the truck, but all is safe & sound and ready to rock.

next stop Tennessee! where we will be riding some Tail.......of the Dragon you perv! :lol3

let's get this party started! if you see one of these, we were there!

some thanks so far: - Francois is a class act
FealSuspension - OMG, these forks & shock are sooo much better, can't wait to get it in the dirt!
ProVisionLogistics - Great service, Great communication, Great pricing! Thank you Tami!
The One Armed Bandit & Company - John Payne, what a guy! Thank you!
David D & Jerry Ellis - Clarendon, AR Thank you!

STisma 08-23-2013 09:42 AM

You better do this one right.... many eyes will be hawk-ing! :lurk

yokesman 08-23-2013 03:13 PM

the main benefit to having matching jacket and pants is that they zip to together,one of the riders in OZ found out the hard way as the jacket drop away as he was doing his 80mph cart wheel without the bike, hitting the ground without protection.

zoro 08-23-2013 03:44 PM

Sintax, what seat is that you're running on the XR?

sintax 08-23-2013 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by zoro (Post 22167210)
Sintax, what seat is that you're running on the XR?

SeatConcepts with a sheepskin cover. Its pretty damn plush.

CBAT 08-24-2013 04:04 PM

Have a great ride! And keep posting :deal

Rhetorik 08-24-2013 04:20 PM

Have fun! Don't forget the updates, we love the TAT on here!! :clap

Gramp-Z 08-24-2013 04:31 PM

With 2 IT geeks , we will be expecting updates often ! When you get out west , slow down and say hi to RTWDoug on his "Dirtbag" . Looking forward to reading and seeing your tale . Have a fun and safe ride ! Can't get enough TAT reports .

SVader 08-24-2013 04:40 PM

This looks like a good one, subscribed.

SR1 08-24-2013 04:47 PM


CharlestonADV 08-24-2013 05:05 PM

So...when does the ride start?:deal

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