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dave6253 10-22-2013 05:49 PM

GCBAR Tracks - The Grand Canyon Backcountry Adventure Route
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These tracks are from my Ride Report Grand Canyon Backcountry Adventure Ride.

For further details read the RR and feel free to ask me questions.
I missed a lot of places I intended to ride. There are tons of options to make this a complete route.
I intend to update these tracks in the future to make this a more comprehensive circumnavigation of the Grand Canyon.
I intend the completed route to be accessible for riders of moderate skill levels with loaded big adventure bikes.
If you have tracks from some of the areas I missed, please email them to me at and I'll consider adding them to the "official" GCBAR.

NMTrailboss 10-22-2013 06:18 PM

Dave, this was an amazing ride to follow you with on your RR. Thank you so much for sharing these tracks! :thumb

dave6253 10-22-2013 07:08 PM

Thanks buddy! Have fun out there.

The route is incomplete.

Highlights of my Trip

1. Havasupai Point - You'll have to pay the Native Americans $25 for access across their lands, but the only remote point accessible on the South Rim is worth it.

2. Lime Kiln Pass

3. Near Twin Point

4. Whitmore Canyon Overlook - Only 700 feet above the river with a hiking trail. Bar 10 Ranch is nearby.

5. Toroweap Overlook & Campground - Free camping and the best view west of the Kaibab Plateau.

6. Kanab Point - The view is almost as stunning as Toroweap and this place gets far fewer visitors.

7. Gunsight Point - A fun road takes you to a point overlooking the Kanab Creek Wilderness. A nice side trip, but not as stunning as others.

8. Sowats Point - A fun road through varied terrain to a nice western view.

9. Crazy Jugs Point - A beautiful and wide view. The point is within the national forest with no camping restrictions.

10. Point Sublime - Simply the best backcountry point! A must for any trip, if you can get there. The park service keeps it closed often.

Places That Could Be Added

A. South Rim Drive - If you've not done it before, why not go elbow to elbow with the rest of the tourists to start the trip?
There are tons of great views here and starting in the crowded areas will help you appreciate the solitude you find later.

B. Grand Canyon West - If you want to do tourist type stuff. You can ride all the way to the parking lot near the airport,
but no private vehicles are allowed at the points anymore. You will need to pay the
Hualapai Indians for shuttles to the points and the tourist trap known as the Skywalk.
Some guys have been lucky to get to ride all the way to the river at the bottom of the canyon on Diamond Creek Road.
Others have been sold passes (available at the lodge in Peach Springs) only to be denied access by the Tribal Rangers.
"No motorcycles allowed."

C. You could make better time by taking I-15 or spend more time by visiting the stunning Valley of Fire State Park.

D. Elbow Canyon Road is a rougher and higher alternative pass from Mesquite.

E. Nutter Twists Road and Hidden Canyon

F. Twin Point

G. Kelly Point (Supposedly one of the rougher trails out here with ~30 miles of boulders.)

H. There are trails between Mt Dellenbaugh RD and Whitmore Canyon, but I hear ranchers have started locking some gates.

I. SB Point aka Son-of-a-Bitch Point

J. Jumpup Point and Ranger Pass - There are a few other points out in this direction as well.

K. Swamp Point

L. Cape Royal RD - Unless you want to avoid asphalt as much as possible, there is no reason a motorcyclist can't enjoy one
of the best motorcycling roads in the state out to one of the best spots for photos of the entire canyon, Cape Royal and Angel's Window.
Stay for sunset and find camping out of the park in the dark. Try to avoid all of the deer you will see at night.

M. Saddle Mountain Trailhead - A fun road leads out to an eastern view only a short hike from Point Imperial.
There are dispersed campsites at the rim within the national forest, but at the border to the park.

N. Other east side points like Dog Point and the Burma Road aka East Side Game Trail if you want a little challenge.

O. Two points on either side of Marble Canyon. Bull Farm Point on the west and Tathatso Point on the Navajo Reservation 23 miles off Highway 89.

Countdown 10-22-2013 07:35 PM

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Attached are a few more options. This is tracks for the Great Western Trail on the south and north side of the Colorado River east of Grand Canyon.

HogWild 10-22-2013 08:23 PM

Crawdaddy has tracks for his loop around Grand Canyon:

Mine doesn't have GPS tracks, but passes through many of the same places:

dave6253 10-22-2013 10:03 PM

Thanks guys! I'll check those out. I remember Crawdaddy had some tracks, but doesn't he get out on some pretty gnarly tracks?

HogWild 10-23-2013 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by dave6253 (Post 22615380)
Thanks guys! I'll check those out. I remember Crawdaddy had some tracks, but doesn't he get out on some pretty gnarly tracks?

My stuff has lots of gnarly. From what I've seen, Crawdaddy keeps it manageable. His tracks are in the first post here:
and here (you must upload a track before you can view tracks):

wbbnm 10-23-2013 08:31 AM

Thanks for posting the tracks.

We did a trip out there in the spring and used some of Crawdaddy's Tracks. I would be real careful about using those. They will put you in a few places you don't want to be.

His original trip report generally made it clear what was hard and what was easy. But the last time I tried to look at it, all the pictures were gone.

Countdown 10-23-2013 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by dave6253 (Post 22615380)
Thanks guys! I'll check those out. I remember Crawdaddy had some tracks, but doesn't he get out on some pretty gnarly tracks?

My main tracks are intended for Dual Sport bikes/riders and advanced Adv bike riders. When it gets too much for average Adv riders, I have an Adv bypass.

TommyDuncan 12-25-2013 07:02 PM

These tracks will be very useful. Thanks!

I've spent the last 15 years exploring most everything west of Toroweep by Jeep and bike. I just updated to a newer GPS and a new laptop is next but I lost most of my tracks.

I look forward to adding my 2 cents to this thread after getting a better look at what is here.

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