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Emperor Norton 10-24-2013 06:48 PM

I got stood up by a ghost
After a bit much bad tv (Ghost Adventures) and some mulling over between some Guinness and Irish coffee,
I had the brilliant idea to ride to Virginia City, Nevada and stay at the haunted room 11 of the Silver Queen Hotel. As luck would have it, the room was available the following night.

I booked the room and the next thing I knew I was checking the weather for Virginia city (20% chance of rain). The miles in between here and Virginia city? Oops.

The next morning I loaded up the bike with a change of clothes and my camera gear. Sadly I didn't have any of that neat sounding pseudo-scientific ghost hunting gear to pack.

After a later than anticipated start I stopped in Vacaville for some fuel (I took the easy way and went out 80). Even though I knew the range of my bike I wasn't sure when easy gas would be available so I stopped earlier than needed.

My morning started the same way my night would end: excessive noise. The individual on the other side of the pump wanted to share his bad taste in music with the whole city.
After quickly adding gas I was off, wishing I could exceed the sound barrier and that awful music.

Hesaid 10-24-2013 08:50 PM

I'm listening...


Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 10:01 AM

Flashback - before leaving home I'd done some last minute stuff around the house while wearing my riding gear. I was hot. Even outside I felt to warm. After the first gas stop I knew I'd be roasting in my Streetguard 3 pants.

Queue up some time before Donner pass. It's starting to get cold. Perhaps these pants weren't a bad choice after all.

Deciding to stop and rest for a bit I found this nice little rest stop
It was much nicer than any I recall from I5.

I saw this plaque (and found it interesting the need to even mention Crocker - I thought the railroad would have been sufficient)

Riding on I come to the first Truckee exit. I exit 80 and pull into the Chevron. I guess I wasn't wearing enough BMW gear or didn't use the correct hand signals as the group of over a dozen BMW riders there seemed to ignore me.

Back on 80 I was thinking perhaps thermals under the pants would have been nice. The bikes temperature gauge was flashing mad at me showing 32 degrees.

The scenery was nice, the weather was cool and the crisp moutain air with a bite of winter? Yeah it was there and reminded me of my time in Flagstaff. Right before I left California and entered Nevada I was given some extra unwanted cooling: It started to rain. Luckily I'd put the liner on under my jacket at the rest stop so I wasn't worried about getting soaked. Well at least my body wasn't. My summer gloves and boots were a different matter. As was my cell phone. Id left it in the outside pocket of my jacket, forgetting that the exterior wasn't waterproof - only the shell.

Either there wasn't that much rain, I road between the drops or the RTs fairing does an excellent job of keeping me dry but by the time I arrived in Virginia city (it rained from near the state line to about the Virginia city line - stopping oddly short of the city) I was dry and no water had touched my phone.

Riding into town was definitely interesting. It was like riding into a town out of a western (or maybe just a western movie set). You have the old facades as well as the wooden boardwalk. While there was on street parking I opted to pay the $6 to use the private lot that abutted my hotel.

Walking into the hotel was like going into an old western saloon that had been done up for a halloween party (It turns out I had missed a zombie run/shamble that was done the day before - it sounded like the merchants were VERY happy with the ability of zombies to consume large amounts of alcohol and spend money).

I was met at the bar (you check into the hotel at the bar, and get into the hotel from outside the building rather than through the bar) by Mississippi the bartender. She had a rather unique looking hat, an Australian outback looking thing that someone had put a set of small horns on giving her a somewhat impish look.

I was several hours too early for check in so I wandered up and down the town and spent some time window shopping. After killing a few hours that way I went back to the Silver Queen bar to have a beer (or one of their special bloody marys) and wait for check in. As luck would have it my room was available early. I grabbed my panniers and headed for room 11.

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 10:31 AM

From the front it feels like you walk up three stories to get to the room. It's an old narrow staircase and one you really don't want to fall down. At this point I'm surprised as the stairs had relatively little squeak for a place so old. Near the stairs I see my goal - room 11. The room in which allegedly a pregnant prostitute committed suicide by drawing a bath, getting in and then slitting her wrists (at least that's what I learned on Ghost Adventures. Initially they referred to her as Rosie - but eventually they called her Lynette).

Nothing up to this point feels anything other than old with some new touches. I open the door not sure what to expect. I don't believe in ghosts, but I don't disbelieve in them either. Nothing rushes out to attack me and I'm not greeting by some random critter in the sink screaming the name of an ancient Sumerian deity.

As I set foot into the room thats when it hits me. In here isn't anything like out in the hall. It's as if gravity has increased, their air is denser and something just feels off. Stepping back outside the room everything is normal again. I don't feel extra heavy, the air seems lighter and nothing seems amiss.

Ah well, the feeling is like 'there's a psychotic rusty spoon murderer hiding in there get out!' so back in I go. After surveying the room I put my stuff away then start taking pictures. Who knows, maybe I'll get a ghost.

This door led to an adjoining room. In ghost adventures there was a knock at it.

The tub where the supposed Lynette allegedly killed herself.

I don't see a ghost hiding in this picture.

The bed - supposedly men in this get touched/caressed and women get harassed (Mississippi did say she thought room 12 was more haunted - perhaps I'll try that next time).

Aside from the sink/watercloset that's really it for the room. Sadly no ghosts were captured in these images. I'm starting to think I need to not maintain my gear.

In the hallway I had a quick peek around. The skylight was disappointing, it seemed very modern.

This was the stairway to the back of the hotel

I'm not sure who she was supposed to have been, but her picture is at the top of the stairs leading down to street level.

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 10:53 AM

It was around noon and I hadn't eaten since about noon the day before so I was hungry. I'd checked Yelp before I left so I knew that my eating options would be slim. What was interesting to note as you walked up and down the street was that even though each business was allegedly independently owned, all the bars seemed to serve the same house special bloody mary (all poured from the same non-standard bottle) and most places had the same hot dog. To me THAT was spooky.

The Opera House was up the hill behind the hotel and the private parking lot

The Bucket of Blood - it had a great view down the valley and went from empty to full in the blink of an eye. Over reliance on plastic cups -boo

Some of the towns 'residents' sadly I didn't have my camera to catch the one woman I saw in costume

I wonder how much of that land is open to off road bikes? Anything with a trail near where I live is closed to ORVs.

I reached my lunch stop, the Red Dog Saloon. They had some TVs playing the game and a built in pizza place. The bartender was a rider and commenting on the local 'hard core bikers' when I arrived (another thing, all the bartenders I spoke to rode, and all harleys). Like all the bars Id seen before this, the house special was the bloody mary poured from the same non standard bottle as the others. Heh.

This bar did offer an interesting variation that I'll have to try in the future. A bacon mary. It's a bloody mary made with bacon vodka and instead of the usual garnish it has a bacon strip. It smelled divine. I stuck with a local high gravity brew (I'm not going anywhere my two feet don't carry me) which was nice and did a better job of balancing the hops and malt than the usual west coast beat you to death with hops style. Something else I noticed - the bars around here use bottles. I dont recall a single tap. That meant no Guinness:cry

I ordered some more beer, some wings and a pizza. The beer, wings, other customers and bartender were excellent. The pizza I had tasted as bad as I imagined little Caesars to be. Go for the TVs, booze, bartenders and wings but stay away from the pizza.

The ceiling and its inhabitants caught my eye

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:23 AM

After filling up on liquid carbs and solid carbs I went back to the Silver Queen to spend some time in their bar.

A lot of advertising adorned their walls and they'd be more than happy to sell you a "Romance Never Dies' T or perhaps a nice corset? No? How about a garter?

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:27 AM

They also have a wedding chapel and a dress for rent. I wasn't sure if this was for rent but I'm guessing its used for one of those white shotgun weddings?

Again, I'm not seeing any ghosts.

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:32 AM

I think one of the zombies left this behind

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:36 AM

It turns out there was a wedding there and the Pistol Packin Preacher showed up to officiate.

After a few hours there listening to Mississippi, watching the wedding reception and talking with people very into ghost hunting I took my leave to look around more of the town.

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:42 AM

Across the street from the Silver Queen is the Bucket of Blood. They have live music and a great view over the valley.

I wasn't quite sure I trusted that place for espresso.

The town really seemed desperate to sell some garters, perhaps next time I'll go with someone who looks better in one than I

waturz 10-25-2013 11:47 AM

It's bad luck to put a hat on a your going to probably get more than "caressed" this evening!

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:49 AM

This brought back memories
Unfortunately it was a memory of having the coolest toy on the block destroyed by an asshat teenager who thought he could squeeze in.

This seems custom made for one of those cartoony "which way did he go" skits

Part church, part rocket with boosters

This place has also been featured on Ghost Adventures as well as Ghost Hunters. They charge a fee to come in and look for ghosts. Perhaps in the future.

I'm not sure what kind of shooting gallery was inside. I didn't hear gunfire and there weren't a bunch of spikes on the ground. (Im being sarcastic)

Sadly this place was closed. Prices where I am are about double that.

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by waturz (Post 22635620)
It's bad luck to put a hat on a your going to probably get more than "caressed" this evening!

I hadn't heard that before. It did however turn true. I did have bad luck that night.:kboom

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 12:01 PM

One of the downsides I've noticed with towns with wooden sidewalks is that they tend to roll them up rather early.

The view was making me regret not having found a way to lug my tripod.

I was tempted to go beyond this point but it looked like it was residential, aside from that one large building.

Their hours were impressive

Smoker condition - not so much

I think thats the mine entrance/shack featured in Ghost Adventures

Back in the center of town I was starting to think of this as a western version of San Franciscos fishermans wharf - only where the shop keepers/employees are all exceedingly polite

Emperor Norton 10-25-2013 12:10 PM

I wonder if this works or they just sell your image to the casinos

Sadly this non-knock off couldn't even get Dragon right. It did however remind me of this

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