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Arte 11-03-2013 11:58 AM

One week ride, McAllen TX - Chiapas Mex.
I do not have much time to do long trips, this is the longer one I have done, I mean in days. We spent 9 days riding. And we enjoyed a lot all the way down and up.
Almost 4,000 km round trip, we faced at least 4 road blockings, we got stopped by bad guys twice, also by a two drunked guys asking for money to keep on drinking, and the most dangerous: a bunch of school teachers road block...:eek1, but I'm here to tell the full story...

As soon as I upload the pics on the photobucket I'll share, Chiapas is an AMAZING land. have not been there since I was 9 yrs old, so I totally got re-amazed.

We definitively will go AGAIN to spend much more time.

Arte 11-03-2013 07:40 PM



It's 2 pm , Friday October 11 , the bikes ready with their maintenance and upgrades of equipment and other accessories necessary for maximum enjoyment to go in the 9 days to come.
CARDO communicators are programmed, tested and all were in communication.
We take startup photo and begin riding! is 2:40 PM . Andres goes ahead , I'll 2nd, 3rd JC EFRA 4th .
At 50 meters starting feel a little bump on my left knee and I think it is a stone that 's bike threw Andres and do not give importance . But I immediately speaks JC by cardo and ask me whom is a cell that fell .... Chingue su madre! , my invention to operate the nextel did not work , and put it in the tank bag .... for the rest of the trip ...
We take the new road that cuts through the exit at Ciudad Victoria , without going through the whole city. Soon we are already crossing the checkpoint , we were let in without question or ask for papers
Soon we are getting gas at the "Y " at 100 km from Reynosa . From here we will not stop until reach Aldama , Tam . Where we planned to spend the night at the home of JC , which is alone for more than five years .he have give instructions ahead to have it clean with light and water ready for that night.
It's hot, but the air does not feel much unless we stop for something.
We take Highway 180 , and began riding sections that are still under repair. Deviations are short sections with dirt that does not really make us lose time.
In one of the last sections, is markedly higher and I see that to get to the top, Andres jumps due to the speed and making quick pass, and at the same time I see that from one side of the road comes a man in a hurry making signals to slow down ... or to stop? I interpret it as slowing down , because it is stretch under construction, but as I pass right in front of him at speed, I see that he carries an AK -47 and still waving me to slow down... and I see further next to a truck, these other three also with Cuernos de Chivo.... I wave salute the guy and keep rolling, then I look ahead and see Andres turning back.... I see in the mirror Efrain and JC already stoped standing before the enmatracado.

Wwe are fucked up (I think..) So I turn backl, and taking off a glove to start getting some money ... when I get there all men are asking where we're going and all about the bikes, then they warmly greet us hi-fiving and fist , and one of them - leader - tells us to take a picture of him on one of the bikes and they wave us by, wishing us the best of lucks and amazed that we were going to Chiapas!

We started riding again really relieved.... but some shitty smell was on the air..:lol3

So more ahead we stoped and asked Efra and JC why they did stop, since Andres and myself made it thru with no problem. and Efra Says, we did not stop becase of them asking to stop, I stop because my topcase got opened right in front of these guys and many stuff jumped out of the case, so I had to stop men...! I had an $800 camera in there and needed to make sure I got it,.... noo shiitt!!! what a f*&&%K bad luck of you... ... hahahaha
We did not stop laughing for a while.
We made ti to Aldama at 7 pm and realized that JC house was not cleaned, there was even a dead cat, and no water, so we went to a small hotel. got some cheap rooms and eat a wonderful tacos pastor, steak , chorizo , etc.... and there went to sleep ... well , when we ran out of tkt 's

Arte 11-09-2013 06:41 AM

Next day, we took a shortcut that takes you to Tampico in the half time than the known and used road. And is paved, with ocean views, rivers, etc.

We were very anxious to get to Veracruz for our second night and have a welcome dinner from our guests over there (Andres' cousin). This is the view we had while dinner on Veracruz

but before continue, there are couple hickups and pics that I'll post in a while.

Dan Diego 11-09-2013 07:19 AM

OK, I'm in!

You guys sound like my friends from Laredo when we did a Matamoros to Veracruz run.

Will be watching this thread for the rest of this ride. I'm guessing some cahuamas and more tkts are involved!

Cuerno de chivo? Holy cow...

Photos, please.

Arte 11-15-2013 09:20 PM


I'm riding very pacefully enjoying the Veracruz Costa Esmeralda view, and then JC call me on the radio and tells me that something just flew out of my bike and almost hit him on the face...
I slow a little bit and pay attention to the bike and hear a strange noise, shit, this is no good. I pull over and we start checking the bike. Andres and Efra are way ahead.
I find out that the Chain slider is torn. Damn! there is only a piece holding and flapping, so I tear it apart and in my mind I forward picture a worn swing arm.

We go on and keep riding and little later JC call me again.... damn! I'm toasted I think..
But then says, I feel my bike weird man! I tell him to pass me so I can check it.
He passes and I see he has the rear tire flat.

We keep riding but slowing down and soon we see the other bikes parked on the shoulder and we pull over again. I take out one of the few green slime I carry.
The other two guys are across the road having a cool beverage and staring at us! WTF with you!

we stuff the green thing into the tire and soon we go on.

We get to Cardel and stop at a Desponchadora (tire repair place) to do another repair for JC.. We are waiting for him and Andres sees on the ground a piece of car facia plastic and I picked it up and see that is a perfect piece of garbage that can be attached to my bike instead of the chain slider, so I put it into my bag.

Finally we get to Veracruz, get to the hotel, get a cold shower, then Andres' cousin pick us up for dinner. Great!

We then mean to have fun for the rest of the day...

Lunch-Dinner Time!!

Pescado Zarandeado

en Mandinga

Andy pretty Busy

Arte 11-15-2013 09:35 PM

Dinner - Check.

get relax before go to bed and went to Andres relatives place for a final chat for the night and some final soft drinks

afterwards we decided to go out towards the hotel and have some tacos (more food..??):eek1

in order to have the tacos processed faster, went for a walk on the downtown at 2:00 am

Mexico is still safe...!! :clap

the ADVBeatles in Veracruz!!

How much for each song?
50 pesos

naah! you are dead tired and sleepy

I got some cheap "COHIBA", Made in San Andres Tuxtla Veracruz, but still good quality (400 pesos for 25 pretty good cigars)

Alright, lets get some sleep...
this guy went ahead of us....

pilot815 11-15-2013 10:43 PM

Man! I really wish I could've made it with you guys. Timing just didn't work out.

Dan Diego 11-16-2013 07:30 AM

Nice ADVBeatles in Veracruz photo! That's would be from the Manzana label, right?

Good ride report so far.

Arte 11-16-2013 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by pilot815 (Post 22791152)
Man! I really wish I could've made it with you guys. Timing just didn't work out.

Hey buddy, I gave you two weeks notice! :lol3


Originally Posted by Dan Diego (Post 22792459)
Nice ADVBeatles in Veracruz photo! That's would be from the Manzana label, right?

Good ride report so far.

That's right Diego. Thanks!

Arte 11-17-2013 10:42 AM

Next day we install the "new" chain slider on my bike and go for a coffee in the downtown, take some pics and ride to Tuxtla G Chiapas.

Tip: dont ever go to have breakfast or lunch to La Parroquia Cafe at Veracruz, is too expensive and bad service, lame food.
we got ripped with 200 pesos each for a coffee and two scrambled eggs, if you ask for tortillas, bread, frijoles or any sidding, the bill goes up. Sorry no coffee refill.

background is San Juan de Ulua former prision (picture of four inmates at large)

JC was having some weird trouble with his rear brake

halfway thru Tuxtla, we got caught by a sudden heavy rainstorm and right after was gone, Andres gets a flat tire

nothnig better than strawberry soda to locate pinch holes!!!:lol3

we got at Tuxtla at 11:30 PM, our host (Efra's cousin) was expecting us earlier, he made barbeque which got cold, but we had a great dinner, the beers were colder! haha.
such a terrific host and his family! many thanks. We camped on their backyard that night. He has a dogs breeding businnes and they were barking all damn night, I needed to go pee at 3:00 am, went very quiet to a near tree, when a freaking huge dog that I have not seen before, is barking and going for me!
shit! I close the valve and run like hell to my tent (like if was made dog proof) but then I hear the sound of a chain and a snap. Thanks god, the damn dog was chained. Almost lost my cojones!

next day:

Efrain's tent...

Arte 11-17-2013 01:30 PM

Chapter 2 Chiapas a la Carte

Ari, Efrain's cousin took us for a tour around his hometown Tuxtla Chiapas and I liked men!

I mean, the food was excellent! the best tacos ever tasted!

Arte 11-17-2013 04:58 PM

finishig the breakfast tacos, went to Chiapa de Corzo for a walk
and a short boat ride to the Sumidero Canyon.

a view of Grijalva River (Sumidero Canyon river)

This is the main square and its fountain-Torreón emulatin the catholic kings crwon shape. It was built on 1562 by Fray Rodrigo de Leon

can you see the bats on the top?

Arte 11-17-2013 05:40 PM

Los Parachicos.
a tipical custom outfit from Chiapa de Corzo (mask are done with spaniard faces).

going up to the top of Santo Domingo Church

Arte 11-20-2013 07:07 PM

tasting POZOL, a cacao beverage typical from the region

going to sumidero canyon

automatic odor refreshener in Chiapa de Corzo restrooms:D

returned to Tuxtla for lunch at the central market, very good shrimp coctails!

and set off towards San Cristobal de las casas!

Arte 11-20-2013 07:21 PM

San cristobal de las casas, chis.
We were told by Ari not to ride after dark anywere while in Chiapas... mmm we have tried to avoid to ride at night anywhere in México and we had failed most of the times!:lol3 but we would give it a try...!

So in order to get with day light to San Cristobal we needed to take the toll road, but... it would be boring.... so what the heck... we took the free road...

and it was worth, very empty road, very pleasant to ride on, very cold but very nice ride

at mid range we stopped to catch this view with my phone

after all not to bad pics from my blackberry

we made it with after dark with no problems.

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