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john_aero 11-29-2013 06:32 AM

Ktm Engine Oil Quantity

My Manual is saying 3l after oil and filter change

3l in and not registering on dipstick

i know from talking on uk forum that one menber had put 3.8l in after good oil drain and had coveres etc ff meaning all oil was removed.

So i had bike dripping oil for least 1 day and had both side covers off for few days so engine was well and truly dained

travelsomewhere 11-29-2013 06:59 AM

Just make sure that you check the oil level after you run the bike. when the oil settles cold it will all drop to the lower tank so the sump has to pull it back up to the upper tank when running to get a proper reading.

Foot dragger 11-29-2013 07:21 AM

Read the manual,everything it has to say about oil changes.

Yours is just the same as all other KTM's of that model.

Chuckracer 11-29-2013 07:44 AM

DELTATANGO 11-29-2013 07:49 AM

I hate checking the oil in a dry sump motor.

The technique seems so inaccurate.

Mowster 11-29-2013 08:27 AM

My suggestions for dry-sump motors:

After putting in the recommended quantity - go for longer than a 'leak-check' ride.

They seem to require more/longer operation, before the indication becomes correct.

(if you overfill, dont tell anyone :deal)

john_aero 11-29-2013 09:06 AM

currently has bang on 3l and did standard ktm oil check but still nto showing u

now i know its similar to the bmw rotax engine and i worked on idea that once all old oil out, correct quantity in and not leaking then leave it and ride bike

dgardel 11-29-2013 11:24 AM

john_aero 11-29-2013 11:50 AM

Cheers for link but its 950 not 1190

KaytM 11-29-2013 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by DELTATANGO (Post 22884185)
I hate checking the oil in a dry sump motor.

The technique seems so inaccurate.

Agreed. Too many variables.

JK1 11-29-2013 12:05 PM

Mine takes more than 3L from an oil change, I like mine to read on the half way mark on the stick. If you have put 3L in and ran it for a while and it don't show add some more until it does. Make sure your run it for a bit, then wait a bit to get the reading.

dgardel 11-29-2013 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by john_aero (Post 22885306)
Cheers for link but its 950 not 1190

:huh :huh :shog :shog

john_aero 11-29-2013 12:32 PM

Ill go for short ride over weekend and give it check

Masa 11-29-2013 01:23 PM

It's not rocket science, just have oil in it, and it will run.

Dan950ser 11-29-2013 05:31 PM

Put in 3L warm up and go ride it for 15 minutes. Then come back and put it on the center stand and fill till it's at the appropriate level. Mine usually takes 3.6L when I do filters and all.

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