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przjohn 12-18-2013 09:53 AM

1972 Kawasaki H1B Restoration
I wasn't going to do a resto this Winter but decided I couldn't pass this one up. The bike comes thru New England Dirtbikes site via, "oldschool" AKA Tom. Thank You Tom and better yet my Wife thanks you too.

I picked it up last weekend and tore it down this past weekend. I am no triples guru but from what I understand; This 500 Kaw Triple is the only one to have a points ignition. It is weird because in 69 when the first 500 H1 came out the CDI was a big deal. In 72 they wanted to put a front disc on but also wanted to keep costs down so they went to points. Later in 72 they introduced the H1C with a front drum and CDI, go figure. After that they were all front disc CDI. According to the Kawasaki Triples site only about a 1,000 H1C units were made. This will be my 4th triple restoration and second H1

Story behind this bike is that Tom's friend is a tree cutter. He cut down a tree for a guy who had no money but had this bike in his basement, he said he was the second owner. Tom's buddy asked him to see if he could sell it for him as he was not a bike guy. Tom got a hold of me and even though I am suppose to be fixing up the house this Winter to get it ready for sale in the Spring I figured there should be time to fit this bike in. My goal is to have it ready for the 2 Stroke Meet at Deals Gap this coming May. Barring any serious setbacks that should be doable.

Some barn fresh pics,<a href=h...psfadb38a0.jpg[/IMG]<a href=h...ps99c3ad55.jpg[/IMG]<a href=h...ps048d89c1.jpg[/IMG]<a href=h...psa006c112.jpg[/IMG]<a href=h...ps9ac460ef.jpg[/IMG]<a href=h...ps29ca8e98.jpg[/IMG]

przjohn 12-18-2013 10:06 AM

Near as I can figure this bike has sat since 78-79. Question is why did it sit? Everything so far looks good with the bike. We will see if it has any non running issues that need to be addressed later, but as of now, it looks good.<a href="...ps98635690.jpg[/IMG]

Here is paint and powdercoat. Powdercoat was dropped off Monday. Paint is waiting for decals and I need to line the tank. Hopefully that will be ready to go next weekend.<a href="...psd6466ea9.jpg[/IMG]

First problem child. This is the static steering stabilizer rod going thru the top triple clamp spanner nut. It is frozen solid from corrosion.<a href="...ps7238eb92.jpg[/IMG]

This is where it connects to a star drag washer underneath the lower triple clamp. I had to disconnect the lower part and pull it thru the clamp, loosing the adjustment knob in the process. I am up in the air about retaining this as I have a hydraulic stabilizer and may go to a newer version that doesn't use the old style static damper, we'll see and I can address this later.<a href="...ps24d09c5b.jpg[/IMG]

Once you loose the frame and engine the rest of the bike fits neatly into Hefty Bags and on a couple of shelves.<a href="...ps0cdd73fa.jpg[/IMG]

New parts are already coming in. It certainly feels like Christmas at my house.<a href="...ps822e4e1e.jpg[/IMG]

Still have a few parts left from past triple restos that should come in handy and save a few bucks too, though I figure on being pretty upside down on this one.<a href="...psecefb17d.jpg[/IMG]

Hope to have paint ready to go after next weekend as well as the crank ready to be sent out. Those are long lead items that need to be put out quickly.

And a brief side note. Tom, I walked off with your screwdriver last weekend. I was going to put it in all the photos of this resto but figured I'll just mail it back to you.

kbasa 12-18-2013 11:26 AM

Moved to 2 smokers

bykpimp 12-18-2013 12:55 PM

Purdy damn neat!!! I've that same King poster only smaller.

baloneyskin daddy 12-18-2013 06:04 PM

Loved the 72s,I have a nice 72 750 and enough to build another minus a couple parts. You should look for a cdi unit for it although for the entire setup would cost a fortune and probably not worth it .

huub 12-18-2013 11:51 PM

wow , i'm going to follow this one , :clap
this is going to be a seriously nice bike.
pity they are pretty impossible to find over here..

Foot dragger 12-21-2013 05:22 PM

That will be a sweet bike to wheelie up and down the block!

Ive got a hulk of a 72 H1 sitting here,not sure what all is good on it,its rough.

przjohn 12-23-2013 10:07 AM

This weekend was spent getting the wheels built and a few other odd jobs.

Here is the rear hub before.<a hr...ps7adeeb81.jpg[/IMG]

And after, polished up with a new rim, spokes, tire, tube, and wheel bearings.<a hr...pscf33bc3d.jpg[/IMG]

I had this NOS front wheel cap left over from a group parts buy a few years ago and figured I'd use it on this bike. New rotor bolts and washers also help with the details.<a hr...psb812c243.jpg[/IMG]

Both wheels ready to go. Waiting on some parts like new fork tubes and shocks to complete the rolling chassis.<a hr...ps42c57c74.jpg[/IMG]

The frame and 12 other parts are back from powdercoat and done in Mirror Black. All Balls tapered steering head bearing races have been installed in the frame to replace the "Fall on the floor, run and hide" ball bearing type.<a hr...psc47bb0ed.jpg[/IMG]

The tank has been cleaned, though it was in pretty damn good shape for it's age. It has also been lined with the Caswell kit. I know there are 2 trains of thought on lining but for me it's good insurance on these old tanks and new paint. I am still waiting for the graphics to come in and get the tins to the painter.<a hr...psd2923174.jpg[/IMG]

Hopefully this week the parts needed to complete the rolling chassis will arrive though with the holiday that could be a crap shoot. Besides the bike starting to look like a bike the rolling chassis just makes everything easier to work on for me and visualize what is needed better.

Merry Christmas

Cogswell 12-23-2013 11:38 AM

Great score, will look forward to following along on your build.



anonny 12-23-2013 08:38 PM

Nice B!

przjohn 12-30-2013 04:35 AM

Still waiting on fork legs and shocks to get the rolling chassis going. This weekend was spent prepping for that. Not much eye candy on the frame but a lot of little stuff done that will add up later. Here is a before and after of the fork lowers.<a hr...ps4309efae.jpg[/IMG]<a hr...pse22900fa.jpg[/IMG]

przjohn 12-30-2013 04:47 AM

I started my first batch of Zinc plating this weekend. I had been buying the Caswell Degreaser powder but then thought about what we use in boiler systems and that it is probably the same thing, Tri Sodium Phosphate. Got this at the hardware store for $3.99 compared to, I don't know off hand, but I am sure Caswell has a good makup. Worked just fine.<a hr...psa9baf863.jpg[/IMG]

Rear axle parts before,<a hr...psbefa89ba.jpg[/IMG]

Sand blasted, not bead blasted, and ready for degreasing,<a hr...ps2bbafe67.jpg[/IMG]

This is how I Zinc plate springs using small pieces of 18GA wire to space open the springs. The wire is in place during sand blasting and cleaning too.<a hr...psb3ed3c20.jpg[/IMG]

Pimped and polished. These have been wire brushed and then run on an open wheel with Jewelers Rouge. They come out Chrome LIke.<a hr...ps84f67bcc.jpg[/IMG]

The plating operation is the Caswell 5 gallon container kit. For an agitator I use the shop air system connected to a 1/4 perforated hose in the container.<a hr...ps5f8f127e.jpg[/IMG]

The highly complex degreasing section of the shop. This is where the TSP mixes with distilled water and degreases the parts at about 200 degrees for 15 minutes before they are rinsed with distilled water and then to the plating tank.<a hr...psdf34e2a3.jpg[/IMG]

przjohn 12-30-2013 04:53 AM

This Backing Plate was a little bugger that took some time. I have never seen this trick air inlet outlet system on the other Triples I've done. They are Chrome plated little grilles and the inlet is adjustable. For what reason I do not know, "Hey Bob, hold up a sec my rear brake is fading and I need to open my vent a bit" and of course Bob returned with, "Don't be such a Squid and stop braking like a Sturgis Rider". Here are before and afters of that backing plate, of course it is bead blasted with new shoes and springs on the reverse side.<a hr...psaef5882b.jpg[/IMG]

I did have to do a little mod to this hi tech racing system. It has a 3MM Wing Nut/Bolt holding the adjustable slide. I could only get a 4MM Wing Nut at the hardware store. So I drilled out and tapped the hole to accept a 4MM screw and then the new wing nut. You want details, we got em!<a hr...ps24749b63.jpg[/IMG]

And, the backing plate complete except for the mounting of the brake lever that will get done once everything is ready to go so I know where to align it on the shaft.<a hr...ps911d16dc.jpg[/IMG]

przjohn 12-30-2013 04:58 AM

Swingarm got new Bronze bushings to replace the OEM plastic ones.<a hr...psc1cf4e78.jpg[/IMG]

First, you need to clean up the powder coating. This takes a small die grinder and a drill with a 1 1/4" pipe brush.<a hr...ps8bdda569.jpg[/IMG]

The best way to do this job is with a press. Having a press is a big bonus to any shop. This is a cheap Chinese/Harbor Freight Press. If you buy one of these the first thing you do after taking it out of the box is throw away the bottle jack and head on down to Sears for a real one, trust me, don't even waste the time assembling the one they give you.<a hr...ps58b0d6cd.jpg[/IMG]

przjohn 12-30-2013 05:03 AM

Getting sprocket side rear ready too, a before,<a hr...psd11ba473.jpg[/IMG]

And after, cleaned and polished, with a new bearing and seal. Notice anyting missing, like a, Sprocket? Yea, the only thing I am missing are the sprocket nut lock washers which are all in the same order from Canada with the tank decals and shocks. That should be here this week.<a hr...psbdb1557b.jpg[/IMG]

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