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Lingmayoma 05-14-2014 07:22 AM

Thailand: Highway 1081 Chaloem Phra Kiat to Bo Kluea
Hello from Bangkok, Thailand. Long time since I have been on the forum..

I will start to post regular road POV videos of various roads in Thailand. To watch the video follow the links clearly shown below and just view the post below to see some photos..

Most can also be found on my blog at: The Regional Manager

Highway 1081
After a good week hanging out in Chiang Rai I had to get back to Bangkok. The first stop I planned was Nan but also wanted to ride a bit longer so checking out the map thought I would go up to Chaleom Phra Kiat down to Bo Kluea and then across to Nan to make it a bit longer and more interesting.

Highway 1081 runs all the way from Chaloem Phra Kiat to Bo Kulea and onto Nan and changes in condition from north to south as well as providing the usual high standard of scenery and local life you expect from this part of Thailand.

POV video of Highway 1081 (upto Bo Kluea) can be found here:
Part One (34 mins)
Part Two (25 mins)

Google Map links:
Start location and end location

Select photos along the way:
Heading off early is always the way to go to enjoy the cooler temperatures, afternoons are for naps and swims!
These two photos are sunrise just outside Chiang Rai somewhere:

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

Past Chaloem Phra Kiat on highway 1081 and these two girls past by skilfully navigating the bends whilst sharing a joke and carrying merchandise.

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

As you travel down the 1081 you go along a valley with interesting scenery and bare hills, maybe another time of year it is different but pretty barren in April this year.

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

Welcome ice cream breaks along the way:

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

Friendly Buffalo. I am sure they are not always friendly but they have endearing faces inviting trust!

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

Lastly a couple of iPhone panoramas along 1081:
<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

<IMG WIDTH="1000" SRC=""->

Lingmayoma 05-15-2014 09:40 AM

I learned how to resize images so apologies for previous viewers where images were too large!


UpST8 05-16-2014 05:45 PM

:wave Sawadee krup! My wife is from Chiang Rai, very interested in how affordable is it to get a big bike like your GS into Thailand

Lingmayoma 05-17-2014 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by UpST8 (Post 24183084)
:wave Sawadee krup! My wife is from Chiang Rai, very interested in how affordable is it to get a big bike like your GS into Thailand


Like any imported vehicle in Thailand price will be a shock compared to USA. But when you come to sell you can enjoy a higher resell value as well. But certainly more expensive. However your rides and trips I think are good value so swings and roundabouts! Insurance is also very reasonable here.

Here is link to BMW Thailand price list:
Price in THB (divide by 32 for USD)

You can find a lot of used bikes to buy as well.

Also I may misunderstand your question and you maybe asking about importing a bike into Thailand. I would say forget it. Will take ages, be a paperwork nightmare and cost a lot (customs want their duty and tax!). Don't believe people saying slipping some government official a few bucks make it easier. My experience with officialdom like immigration/customs/ministry of Transport it is all pretty tight and by the book. Traffic police are another story!

I think a google search may come up some detailed information on importing. Not for the faint hearted. If it is temporary import there maybe other ways that are easier. I have met a couple of KTM world tourers so it must be possible.

Lastly if you are moving here and had you bike for a certain number of year there maybe a cheaper/easier way to import along with your household goods. Sorry no firm details.

Also try GT Riders for great Thai motorbike information:

You will have a blast touring around your wife's home town with added translation services to hand!

Hope this helps!


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