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rickescazu 07-04-2014 02:34 PM

cold fueling issue/stalling
hi i have been reading about others issue with loss of power but mine is a bit different. started a few weeks about like 5. while warming up (7-10min) it died so i restarted and it ran 10 sec and died again. tried to keep it running with the throttle and it dies as soon as i crack it open. had a 1/2 tank too. next day all fine no issues. 2 weeks later while warming up again same exact thing, tied to open the tank cap made no difference. but finally after 30 min of restarting it seems to clear up and no problem. until today, when it died 2 min after i left my house. acted like out of fuel but has 3/4 tank. same gas that worked fine the prior two days to commute.

reading here sounds like could be a fuel filter or pump issue but i get no lights or warning nothing. bike is a 2013 with 10,000 kms now and had been flawless until this. what is a bad fuel dongle? the truth is here the gas sucks we all use premium and my cars do fine but maybe that is part of it. dealer claims no one else reported this problem but mine was one of the first in the country too.

it has a wings exhaust and the UNI air filter kit from down under to stop the water intake issue and that has all been fine. only other mods are a big foot, a rear custom rack, a KTM tank pack and engine bars and LED lights.

any ideas or similar experience. climate here is mild a bit humid but bot hot or cold.



Zuber 07-04-2014 11:55 PM

Sounds like a fuel filter. "crap fuel" = sounds like a fuel filter. You get erratic running. Can be dangerous when you are trying to pass a car and it stalls.

Contact inmate GEFR for a filter kit.

keener 07-05-2014 05:45 AM

could be the side stand switch too. It will cut off the circuit randomly when it starts to go.

if this also happens when bike is resting on side stand with engine running,then its not the side stand switch.

990 07-05-2014 10:21 AM

Some of them had the lining of the tank come off and block the fuel filter looks like white bits floating in the fuel.

rickescazu 07-05-2014 11:33 AM

ok thanks all for the insight.

1. looking in the tank can see anything floating but really can't see anything period.
2. fuel filter sounds like best option, have to deal with dealer as i have no source here in CR, and no clue where it is to change. My tuono was pretty easy to work on but much less wires.
3. it happened with the stand up or down running and also on the center stand. sometimes it runs until fully warmed up then dies other times its under a min. no longer ridable. seems like fuel starvation or the ECU cutting spark.
4. seems like no way for me to fix it even temporarily so have to wait 4 days to have them come pick it up....

appreciate the time and effort guys


990 07-05-2014 12:37 PM

Check this out might help.

rickescazu 07-05-2014 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by 990 (Post 24549293)

We'll that is another link about power loss at higher rpm or fuel starvation when pushing the bike above a certain speed,load or rpm.

Mine won't last out the driveway dies while warming up but always restarts only to die again. The overheating fuel pump theory sounds feasible but guess can only be confirmed by dealer checking ECU computer. Bike does not run long enough to warm up past one bar.

Drag I'm down to one none functioning bike. Tried to buy the new duke 1290 but dealer never got one....missing my tiger 800 now...

Thanks all

rickescazu 07-07-2014 12:24 PM

Anyone have the email for customer service in Europe? i am guessing that is where i need to go as my bike is a 2013 imported to CR by the dealer and he is in Europe now anyway. i want to get a list of the factory bulletins to fix things as they have never done one thing to my bike, not for heat, not for the side stand, nothing except oil changes and now i see that my chain guide is totally worn out from a very tight chain (they adjusted at 5.000 kms now has 9,700. i also read that many 2013 have had their warranty extended too. mine has not run in a week, and i guess it is time to try the factory for help. too bad was thinking to buy a DUKE 1290 after selling my tuono but not the way the service is going on the ADV.

FYI i tried to use the web site for Europe for technical service and interesting says my VIN is invalid, i then tried a few others from new bikes for sale on the net and says the same for all of them, great start for the KTM customer service on the web,

update well i found out one issue they never entered the delivery paperwork to the KTM site so i never had my bike listed as sold to KTM. no i have a deliver receipt and the VIN is valid but all that comes up is this bike has had no service and there are pending TSB or recalls, contact your dealer, that is how i got into this mess. DOES anyone have the list of TSB's or recalls for a 2013 1190 Adv my VIN is a DM998xxx, or know a site to download them?


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