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Forum: Vendors 11-16-2009, 11:52 AM
Replies: 97
Views: 14,286
Posted By ADV950S
What Can Brown Do For You ? ... INDEED !!!
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 09-23-2009, 10:21 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 2,302
Posted By ADV950S
2010 Husaberg FS570

For 2010 Husabergs the only tubeless version is the FS 570 Supermotard.
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 09-02-2009, 10:11 PM
Replies: 14
Views: 6,710
Posted By ADV950S
Wicked Options?

All it needs is a Renazco seat !!!!!

What do you think James? I think there will be some lag time getting a seatpan to you ;)
Forum: Thumpers 09-02-2009, 12:05 PM
Replies: 31
Views: 2,934
Posted By ADV950S

Thinking the same thing...

Would rather save another 50 lbs and go with a 530 rather than a 690... If it is up to the task...
Forum: Racing 08-16-2009, 11:56 PM
Replies: 52
Views: 7,454
Posted By ADV950S
Jimmy Lewis

I spoke with Jimmy for about 20 minutes during the prologue day.

He seemed very positive about the new 390 Berg. He described it as the mass of a 250 with 400 grunt. I would not be surprised to...
Forum: Vendors 07-15-2009, 10:01 PM
Replies: 583
Views: 98,280
Posted By ADV950S
I'm In ...

Count me in for one as well.
looks like the most solid fix available...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 06-10-2009, 12:11 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 3,860
Posted By ADV950S
Paint codes...some of them... LINKY

Hopefully this is what you are looking for:
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 04-24-2009, 09:17 PM
Replies: 1
Views: 692
Posted By ADV950S
Not in a a can but...

Here's a linky to have a paint shop blend the right colors:
:D :D :D

Granted it only goes up to 2006; but I don't think the Gauloises...
Forum: Tejas and the Gulf States 03-23-2009, 02:09 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 710
Posted By ADV950S
Sorta, Kinda, Maybe...

Still have my house up in Magnolia...

But work sent me to Romania for another 2 years...

At least I brought the '06 950S.

BTW, thanks for the excellent advice on the Touratech XE/DE Rallye...
Forum: Equipment 02-22-2009, 11:34 AM
Replies: 17
Views: 2,650
Posted By ADV950S
Talking Try Gaerne Boots


I'm sure I will be the first of many to chime in...

I wear a 9EEE in a Johnston & Murphy Dress shoe. I have found that Gaerne makes about the highest volume boot on the market. For...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 02-16-2009, 06:50 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 2,167
Posted By ADV950S
Sorry no Pics - Site is smarter than I am


I recently put the KTM Hardparts Roadbook Carrier Kit on my '06 950S (US Spec). The kit was less money that just the TT-Roadbook from Touratech. It is the same Roadbook with the plate...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 02-07-2009, 12:16 AM
Replies: 31
Views: 7,597
Posted By ADV950S
Question on Fork Brackets

The only thing holding me back from making my own using a 690/950SE Fender is the metal tab brackets which hold the fork guards to the lower fork (since the holes don't line up right from the SX-85...
Forum: Vendors 01-20-2009, 10:23 AM
Replies: 83
Views: 25,299
Posted By ADV950S
Definitely interested

Was looking at Rallye Tank options (African Queens, etc) but didn't want to lose the ability to use hard luggage.

But, as stated before, price point is everything :D
Forum: Racing 01-17-2009, 12:40 AM
Replies: 77
Views: 18,168
Posted By ADV950S
Should be ready to ship in Late Jan in Europe

I have one on order from KTM. Latest info shows them being available in late January 2009. I placed my order in early November. Even though the KTM and BMW Leatt are the same (absent color) BMW...
Forum: Equipment 01-12-2009, 12:35 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 1,039
Posted By ADV950S
Works... but not well

I have the Rallye 2 Pro and purchased a Leatt.. It would not close correctly at the neck with the Leatt under the jacket. The Leatt fit OK over the jacket... Just not as comfortable as it was...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 12-29-2008, 12:54 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 734
Posted By ADV950S
Renthal or Magura SX bend

<TABLE class=tborder id=post716910 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=thead style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal">06-04-2004, 10:20 AM <!-- / status icon and...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 11-08-2008, 09:43 PM
Replies: 19,766
Views: 8,378,661
Posted By ADV950S
Thumb which windscreen?

Beetle 32,

Is that the CF Rallye windscreen that Jenks makes from the Italian LC8 Forum?:ear

How do you like it as compared to the standard unit?

Very nice set-up :clap :clap :clap
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 10-15-2008, 01:20 AM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,220
Posted By ADV950S
Scott's Damper

I just installed the Sub-Mount Scott's with the top triple on my '06 ADV 950S... have yet to use it much in the dirt... But was a very easy install:D

Given the conditons of the roadways in...
Forum: Equipment 10-08-2008, 03:40 AM
Replies: 5
Views: 2,586
Posted By ADV950S
BMW Enduro Helmet in CF

To me... the best news is the introduction of the BMW Enduro Helmet in Carbon Fiber. :clap

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=487 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=topblack width=465>"BMW...
Forum: Equipment 08-30-2008, 12:07 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 726
Posted By ADV950S
Laugh Removed mine

I removed the roundels from my R2P jacket with no ill effects... replaced with something a bit more orange:evil.

Just to add a little posuer value, I put Dakar Rallye patches on from 2007 above...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 06-07-2008, 05:18 PM
Replies: 19,766
Views: 8,378,661
Posted By ADV950S
Fabrizio Meoni - RIP

Here is a pic of Meoni during the Dakar Rallye. It is my desktop image. So I guess since its an LC-8 it OK for here...:huh

I downloaded it from the Dutch LC-8 site: www.LC8.NL (http://www.LC8.NL)
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 05-25-2008, 04:05 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 1,344
Posted By ADV950S
You Think???

I'm just wondering how the number of antler points on a Boone & Crockett scale will effect smooth air flow:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl
Forum: Mapping & Navigation 05-17-2008, 04:57 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 863
Posted By ADV950S
Deal Update - Garmin 60CSX-$299.99 USD @ REI

i just went through the sale ads this morning and REI is selling the factory pack Garmin 60CSx for $299.99

Forum: Equipment 04-26-2008, 04:35 PM
Replies: 11
Views: 1,880
Posted By ADV950S
Another vote for Gaerne

I wear a 9.5 EEE dress shoe. For me, the Gaerne Fastbacks worked well in a standard 44.5 euro (size 10 US) with Moto X socks. :clap

They are a motocross boot with a hinged ankle, but have been...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 12-15-2007, 06:43 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 2,790
Posted By ADV950S
What about Hepco Becker Juniors ?
Here is a photo... From the second photo it looks like they will fit on the Luggage racks tht...
Forum: Vendors 10-25-2007, 02:59 PM
Replies: 22
Views: 2,236
Posted By ADV950S
Thumbs Up for Motostrano

Before I saw the light and bought a KTM Adventure S, I had a Ducati Monster S4R...Joe and the staff at Motostrano were always a great source of information for Ducs, gear, and a pleasure to deal...
Forum: Equipment 05-21-2007, 12:53 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 559
Posted By ADV950S
2 good options from A-Stars

I second what Bullfrog said about the SMX gloves... I have a pair of those for more off-road stuff and use a pair of A-Stars S-Moto gloves for strict tarmac duties... fit seems to be about the same...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 02-19-2007, 06:40 AM
Replies: 21
Views: 1,851
Posted By ADV950S
'06 950S with Bags included

:clap I Ordered my '06 before they were available... Dealer said bags not included in '06 models... I called KTMUSA in Ohio directly. KTMUSA advised that the Gobi bags and mounts were included on ALL...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 02-08-2007, 08:55 AM
Replies: 14
Views: 1,144
Posted By ADV950S
SW Motech Bars

I have the SW Motech bars on my 950S... I really like them but it does effect the foot position on the right peg. I am only 5'8" and it still gets in the way (not anything dangerous... I just find my...
Forum: Equipment 01-24-2007, 07:20 AM
Replies: 4
Views: 815
Posted By ADV950S
Gaerne Fastback Boots

The size 10 in the Gaerne Fastback seems as if it will work well... I have a pair if AStars Vectors... They have a good deal of toe box room also; but are less roomy in the calf area. As I mentioned,...
Forum: Vendors 01-23-2007, 08:19 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 888
Posted By ADV950S
Gulf Coast BMW ... in South Houston?

Just a question, are you referring to Gulf Coast BMW in South Houston, TX?

If so, sorry to hear about your experience... I have dealt with Cliff, the owner, for a few years now and really like...
Forum: Equipment 01-23-2007, 07:25 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 815
Posted By ADV950S
Sorry... thought of something else... ( has a section where the list the maximum calf width of the Gaerne Fastback's as a whopping 22 inches ... Is that large enough for you ? :wink:
Forum: Equipment 01-23-2007, 07:20 PM
Replies: 4
Views: 815
Posted By ADV950S
How About Gaerne Fastbacks ?

A suggestion that I think will work for me... I usually wear a 9EEE in a Johston & Murphy dress shoe (not overly large calves). I just ordered a pair of Gaerne Fastback boots from
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 12-25-2006, 09:24 AM
Replies: 44
Views: 2,706
Posted By ADV950S
Thumb This Year's Dakar

Unfortunately, the closest I will get to the Dakar this year is buying the patches from a shop in France:rofl But there is always next year:evil :evil

On a side note, I was really looking at the...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 12-25-2006, 09:04 AM
Replies: 44
Views: 2,706
Posted By ADV950S
Wicked What Orange stuff did Santa bring Ya?

My wife got me (OK, allowed me to get...) a BMW Pro Rallye 2 Jacket and Pants in Blue & Grey... The only reason I think this qualifies as Orange Stuff is that I already procurred a pair of "KTM...
Forum: Mapping & Navigation 07-19-2006, 09:10 AM
Replies: 2
Views: 797
Posted By ADV950S
How do you know its Alabama?

The Third Confederate National Flag<!--END_TITLE-->


Last modified: 11 May 2000 by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. (
Links: FOTC Home Page...
Forum: Equipment 07-09-2006, 04:35 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 3,810
Posted By ADV950S
Another option

I know that you don't want black... However, Motonation is selling Spidi NetStep 365 jackets at $200.00 (were $450.00 ish last year). They come with their H2Out zip in liner and a thermal liner. Used...
Forum: Equipment 07-01-2006, 03:10 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 3,322
Posted By ADV950S
How About Vanson Supermotard Jacket?

I have a Vanson Supermotard Jacket and pants set. The pants don't vent as much as I would like but the Jacket rocks. Had it for about 2 years in Houston's sweatbox summers. It has competition weight...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 06-26-2006, 08:17 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 797
Posted By ADV950S
Twisted Throttle...

Twisted Throttle... (

When I bought mine a month ago they were $169.99 and in stock...
Forum: Crazy-Awesome almost Dakar racers (950/990cc) 05-25-2006, 05:39 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,768
Posted By ADV950S
Talking My 950 S just came in to the dealer yesterday... ...

My 950 S just came in to the dealer yesterday...
Should pick it up tomorrow:clap :clap :clap :freaky.
Can't wait
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