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*** Still Saturday ***

Finally, we had arrived at Amsterdam after a 1300 km ride!!
We drove around for a short while, and ended up in the center of the city, and several hotels to choose from. We parked our bikes and walked around checking which hotel could offer the lowest price for the night.

We chose the first hotel we asked, since they allowed us to park our bikes just outside their lobby.

Our stomachs ached for food, and asses were really soar and when trying to check into the hotel we noticed both of us apparently had no money left on our cards.
Luckily, they had a computer with internet connection in the lobby allowing me to transfer money from another account.

I thought for sure the problem were solved, since I totally emptied my saving account to be on the safe side.
And my friend called home to have some money transferred to his account.

Right outside the hotel - that's a lot of bikes, damn!

Beautiful city, with wonderful and helpful people.

Getting some refill of energy. For some reason we still hadn't eaten anything.

On our way through town to redlight..

The famous coffeeshops of Amsterdam!

Stores we passed by, I would not enter without a girl since two silent och confused guys wandering around giggling would not seemed too "heterosexual".

Getting closer now! And for the record, damnit those girls are beautiful!

Okey, since her face isn't showing i'll post it. It does not matter, but damn. I was sure we were getting a beating for this or at least thrown into the stream in the middle of the street. I remember seeing the girls opening the door and screaming a lot. And all the people on the street looking at us. And I told my friend just a couple of minutes before not to do it, since i've heard people getting in quite an uncomfortable situation over it.
To be honest I was pissed at my friend for doing it, and making me look like an asshole in front of a lot of people. But now;

What surprised me the most was that not only did families, and people of all ages walk around those streets, there were children with their parents walking around - like shopping. Damn. And I thought I was open minded.

Next post, Sunday - the trip home to Sweden! More to come!

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