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*** Sunday ****

We had be out of the room at noon, so we slept as long as we could and tried to eat as much as we could for the long trip ahead.
I could not get much down, being so hungry from the day before and only having drank a couple of beers.

Neither of us was really looking forward to the long way home, since we just arrived the day before. Our asses were still hurting, my head was aching and I think my friends knees had taken some damage from the riding.

Getting out of town seemed harder than getting in, and we drove around quite unorganized for a while before finding a bus stop with a map.
At the same time an elderly couple approached and offered their help.
They asked where we were from, and helped us on our way.

These smalls occations, that only last maybe a minute or two - lasts a long time in my mind. Don't know why.

On our way up north out of Amsterdam, we start taking pictures once again...

Cigarettes, a great substitute for food, rest and health. Goes great with bikes.

Stopped for a moment to check out these guys playing around. Wish we had time and money for that then.

We did take a different route home apparently, and the wind on this piece of road was horrible. Must have used up almost the double in fuel consumption on this 100km strech of road.

But, it was beautiful nonetheless. E22, over the flood banks. First we were a bit confused and thought we had accidentially ridden south, since we could only see ocean to the right.

We rode on, stopping only for fuel and some rest when our asses could not take the beating anymore for a while. Not many pictures for a while since there just wasn't any energy left in us.

Riding into Germany it felt as we were going home at last, but after passing a sign with a gas station and deciding to go for it, it never appeared. Either the Germans were kidding or our brains shut off for a moment there. And then, of course - since we had not refueled - the Triumph stopped after going for over 200 km.. Out of fuel, 10 km from Oldenburg.

I'm borrowing Obama for this one;

But, strangely enough, I was neither upset or stressed about it.
I just told my friend to relax while I continue to town and look for fuel.

And sure enough, with some luck, 20 minutes or something later I had a bottle of fuel with me, and we could continue.

It's somewhere here the idea pops into my mind - lets drive nonstop home! Little did I know that we were forced into that situation anyhow.
Soon after we realized we cannot afford to sleep on a hotel for the night.

Just fast forwarding past a lot of milage and ass ache - we found ourselvs at Puttgarden again, ready for the ferry back to Denmark.

Some Danish gas station, in the middle of the night..

Taking a piss on Denmark, yet again.

** Monday ***

The clock had reached midnight by now, and we had been riding for 12 hours straight. Well into Denmark, we were getting worried that our money had ran out again cause the the pumps at a gas station did not accept either our cards. Some 140 km later, we were at the toll station on the Öresundsbridge wanting access into Sweden.
My card was not accepted, but the girl in the booth said it may be because of too many transactions abroad. So we tried my friends card, and it passed. Thankfully!

But then we needed an ATM to figure out what the hell happened to a couple hundred euros. We knew for a fact that my friends card had nothing or very little left on it, so we decided to fill up the Triumph with as much as was possible.

Now, both bikes had 200 km in them left.
And yes, of course. The time, had become maybe 0200 AM.

We are out of money, its monday morning. We have nothing to eat or drink, and we both have 200 km left in our tanks.

Too bad it was at least 400 km to get home!
Stubborn as we were, we decided to get as far as possible and since it was night time it had gotten really cold outside. We took turns riding the GS since it has its heated grips, which the triumph does not.

Somewhat hungover from last night, too little too sleep, eat and drink - the cold really got to us. Snailing forward at 80 kph again, constantly watching the fuel efficency meter and range.

Stopped at a bridge, since we thought "what's the hurry to get home".
We're hungry, freezing and broke. Both of us. And not enough fuel.

The sun was just rising again. And that was about time, we had been riding all night freezing our already beaten up asses off.

Making use of the 1/4 of our storage space eating camera for the first time on the trip.

And heres what came out of it.


Time to warm up before some more suffering.

You ain't going nowhere without a smile of hopelessness.

The morning, turning to day, we crept nearer to home for every minute.
But some 200 km away, we had to admit defeat.

To call someone 5 AM in the morning, asking for money was not what I intended to do for this trip. And I will have to take shit for it a long time forward.

Well, after the money had been solved. We refilled our bikes, and left for home.

Home, finally. The time had passed 9 AM. We had been on the road for 21 hours.

2600 km, over 4 days. We were finished.

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