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Originally Posted by Celtic Cruiser
Nice one Novice Adv! I bet there are so many things you would do differently next time. Like have a plan. Take some money. Maybe a bit more time to enjoy your trip. Avoid so many Motorways. Think about a Zumo if only to put your music on.
But then the best mini-adventures just happen. Enjoy your bike. Enjoy your youth. Ride safe and thanks for the entertainment.
It was a healthy lesson to have. All those small transactions that you rarely ever even think about amounts to real money fast!
I'm definitly not taking any big roads next time.
Long periods of time passed without ever moving on the bike, reminded me of a film quote "Travelling without moving". And yeah, Garmin is getting another customer soon. (Broke at the moment)

Thanks for reading, I hope others liked it as well.
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