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These are stupid easy to install fellas and the directions are spot on. The only blank you'll draw is tightening the cartdrige units to the sliders. They of course will spin. Use (lightly) an impact wrench. Done.

You can see there is a great difference between the way the stock Zokes dampen and the gas charged Bitubos.


And here they are installed

Honestly, you do not need a pictorial to install these. Its rediculously easy.
Now the ride results. Let me 1st say I only had time for a half hour on the bike. I was able to ride dirt road and abandoned railbed as well as pavement. So my opinion is still in a holding pattern. And my opinion is just that, mine, and may be worth to you what you paid for it. But I have ridden offroad all my life and owned many different bikes. Opps, almost forgot, Drew Smith measure the old and new springs for those guys wondering about spring rate.
Stock rate 4.8
Bitubo rate 6.0
Yea, that seems strong, but Drew has reworked some big 1200 GS bikes and they have been sprung with 7 something-8.0 springs. So I kept an open mind before going out on it.
In a nutshell: Huge, significant difference. Do you guys know when your riding and you see a pothole in the pavement ot a rock embedded in the soil and you know your going to hit it in a second and you sorta brace for the feeling you'll get from the stock forks ? Or sometimes under your helmet you go "ah" when you hit it ? Thats gone.
I rode over heaved pavement sections, and hunted potholes. I was amazed that I no longer felt them at all. On the dirt roads, the embeded rocks were sucked up with no steering upset. I went down a local abandoned railbed that has a small layer of RR gravel sitting on top of hardpan. At 40-50mph, if I closed my eyes, you could have told me I was on pavement and I wouldnt have the difference. Also, no more huge brake dive. Just normal like it should be.
Again, this is prelimanary. I still need to ride her for a week to see how well I like them. But, so far they are 80% better than stock. And for the price, and the fact you can install them in your own garage without sending your forks away, they just may be the cats ass.
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