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Originally Posted by SR1
Good trip man, but as you said, lessons to be learned. Maybe next time pack some emergency food, you have lots of space on that GS, I should know, I own one too. I can live for a month on what I can fit in my side cases, so you can too! :) That leaves room for food on top, no problem.

Can you camp there? That will significantly reduce your expenditures. That or using hostels, which I would do there in northern Europe.
Thanks, and i'm glad you liked it! We had packed down some meal replacement bars, but we had eaten all of them by the time we got to Lübeck the first time.
Retarded as I am, I lost my wallet the week before. Assuming it would turn up I didn't report my other cards missing before going on this trip. That would also have made things easier since I could have used those for food and fuel.

About camping, I don't know what rules apply in other countries than Sweden, but i'll have that checked out before leaving on my next one.

I could have packed everything much better, thats for sure, could have put things ontop of the bike also. I'm going on a 5 week trip later this year, and we're bringing tents and everything for that one. And a GPS!
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