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Mileater - yes we certainly did seem to get the better of it! My wife organised a drinks stand for the marathon and it was bitterly cold apprently!

DavoRallyFan - cheers mate! I think yours pics are simply stunning too!

Emmsy Poo - you'll still need thermals for OUTSIDE the nice warm car!

TaSK - you and Capa della Famiglia are welcome here immediately if not sooner! Perhaps you might like to wait for warmer weather however!

dlew - hi there! perhaps you could email me from the list?

Cannonshot - hi Bryan! Yes well they were pretty darn chilly but my 10 year old goretex alpinestars still keep out the water. My best man (ex-NZ Trials Champ) was giving me a hard time looking at those crossing pics about my speed! "Slow down, man!" he said - that's my offroad inexperience showing i guess!

Timba - awww shucks! you say the nicest things! Looking forward to when Amy and yourself come back!

Skycamnz - cheers Pete!! Thanks for letting us stay Friday night! Hope your weekend went well!

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