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Speaking of misleading . . .

When I decided to get a bike (dual sport in particular), my thinking was that I would mainly be on dirt roads and rarely on the highway. My main concern isn't injuries in general, but death or serious injuries that would effect my family.

It now seems pretty apparent to me that even with the higher speeds of the highway, the most dangerous places for motorcycles seems to be those areas where there is a combination of speed, other vehicles, and intersections/cross streets/ as well as undivided roads.

Not saying motorcyclists don't die on highways, but I would think (mile for mile) there are probably more fatalities on the higher speed city streets.

In other words, there can be lots of threats on local roads but your reduced speed lessens the chance of serious injury. On the other side, highways have the higher speeds but less external threats. But that middle area - where your speeds are higher but you still have the external threats of city traffic - Yikes.

Now, I just have to figure out how to minimize my internal threats of overconfidence and newbiness.
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