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Points pointers

Yesterday afternoon I tore out my stock ignition and installed my new points can along with a 3 ohm dyna coil. Everything fired up and runs like a top. I noticed some of the same things as Datchew, especially that it will idle CRAZY low if I let it. It dropped down to 350 for a couple seconds before I gave it some gas. I'm still experiencing a pronounced shudder right at 2000 rpm which I had with my hall can as well, but not with a friend's aftermarket electronic system that I tested out for a little while. Weird. I had thought it was an imbalance between rods or on the crank, but then an ignition system got rid of it. Pics on the way. Also, Datchew, I bought a spare set of points from the part number you put up in the 'Dark Secrets' thread, but didn't get the "tiger tail" ones for some reason. Mine are made in Brazil, but only have the solid black wire. Did you get Bosch 01011 and get those striped ones with the stiffer spring?

My bike originally came with the crack-prone grey Bosch coil, but sometime before I got the bike it was updated with the black bosch coil. When pulling this coil off the bike for the points can install, I noticed that it was cracked fairly significantly on the front face around where it mounts. SOOOOO, all of you out there who assume you're safe from cracking coils just because your coil is black and not grey, take this as inspiration to give your coil a checkup next time your tank is off. Mine showed no symptoms of malfunction even in REALLY heavy rain, but I'm guessing it was only a matter of time.
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