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DAY -2 and ferry connection

Thank you for your eagerness, let us begin!

The actual Journey started on Friday the 15th of May, when we were scheduled to reach Patras by 23.00h to catch our ferry for Venice (~200km). The route well-known and notoriously dangerous (Corinth - Patras), by far the most fatal national road in Greece, nevertheless much safer on a bike, since one can overpass much more quickly and stay within the single lane of each direction.

If only it was like this all the way (Athens - Corinth part)

The ride is over pretty soon, and we anxiously await the rest of our trip under far better road conditions..

The ferry trip is very long, ~33 hours, but it is one full day plus two overnights so one reaches Venice at 8.00h with fully charged batteries and an early start, as opposed to Ancona where one is disembarked at noon, some 400km south..

The trip is slightly boring but intense planning and reading (plus the Eurovision final ) make it enjoyable and swift..

A little stomach-upsetting toe action we could do without...

Sunday morning eventually comes and it's time for the real fun to begin....
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